⋆ 50 Cent Weighs In on Kanye West Amid Controversies

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The enigmatic and enigmatic Kanye West has been the subject of much discussion in recent months. From his controversial statements to his sudden disappearance, the rapper’s actions have caused shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. His former ally, 50 Cent, recently shared his views on West’s behavior in a candid interview. But what did he have to say about the artist?

To start, West’s decision to wear a White Lives Matter t-shirt sparked a wave of criticism from the public. Then, the anti-Semitic comments he made on Twitter with the tweet “Deathcon 3 – to the Jewish people” caused even more outrage. 50 Cent weighed in on the situation, saying that he believes West’s actions were intentional.

The In Da Club singer also discussed West’s recent wedding announcement with architectural designer Yeezy Bianca Sensori. Though it came as a surprise to many, 50 Cent believes that West’s intention was to distract the public from his controversial statements. This ultimately led to the termination of his contracts with Adidas, Balenciaga, and GAP, as well as reports of abuse from former employees.

West’s recent divorce from Kardashian and his financial collapse have left many wondering if he will ever return to the spotlight. 50 Cent’s views on West provide insight into what the public may expect from the artist in the future. With all that has happened, it is clear that West’s actions have serious consequences and will continue to shape his legacy.

Kanye West continues to be the subject of discussion as he does something new every week. The singer forced all his associates to distance themselves from him because of his controversial statements. Many artists, including 50 Cent, called him out and stopped working with him. But that doesn’t seem to bother singer Donda.

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This week, the artist announced the wedding of his architectural designer Yeezy Bianca Sensori. There were reports that he was spotted with a blonde who turned out to be her. While this news hit the masses, 50 Cent recently shared his reaction to Ye’s opinion.

What did rapper 50 Cent say about Kanye West?

West was once an ally of many, playing alongside several rappers in the industry. But according to hotnewhiphop, 50 Cent recently appeared on the Bigboysneighoburhood show where he discussed many things including Ye. Big Boy asked the In Da Club singer what he thought of Kanye West. “Because he just said everything you shouldn’t say. I think it was intentional,” the rapper said.

He wondered what Ye’s intention was for saying all this. First, he wore White Lives Matter T-shirt that started the criticism. But the biggest blow to him was the anti-Semitic comments that started with the tweet “Deathcon 3 – to the Jewish people”.

This isn’t the first time 50 cent has talked about E. He wanted E to “master the art of screwing up” but E only continued his rage. This eventually led to the termination of his contract with Adidas, Balenciaga and GAP. Although his deal with Adidas was successful for almost a decade, the German company had to end the collaboration after the rapper’s offensive comments. Soon after, former employees of the brand also spoke out about West’s abuses on the job.

You recently finalized your divorce with Kardashian and in a short time contacted the Censor. This news came after Ye was reported missing a few weeks after his financial collapse began. It remains to be seen if Ye will return to the spotlight with new opinions. What do you think of 50 Cent’s views on West? Comment your thoughts.

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