⋆ “Marcus Rashford Thriving on Left Wing for Manchester United: News from Somag”

Introduction: Marcus Rashford has been in brilliant form this season, with 15 goals and five assists in 25 games. The Manchester United academy graduate has worn many hats while playing on the front line, from the left flank to the right. His current form is the best we have seen from him, scoring 0.6 goals per game and 0.47 goals in 90 minutes. Last season, however, was a different story, with Rashford struggling to reach the high standards he set and playing time hampered by inconsistent positioning. This season, Eric ten Haag has moved Rashford back to his favored left flank, and the results have been impressive, with seven goals in his last six games. It is clear that United have not enjoyed the presence of such a goal threat since the youth of the recent departure, and it is nice to see Rashford take charge and torment the defenders this season.

Marcus Rashford is in brilliant form, but has this been the Manchester United academy graduate’s best season yet? In 25 games, United is no. 10 scored 15 goals and made five assists.

Opta Analyst’s Maram Albaharna believes we are seeing the best in Rashford right now (via Opta Analyst).

History so far

The exceptional United the player wore many hats while playing on the front line. The left flank proved to be his favorite role among the three attacking positions.

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Rashford made his debut as an agile striker, eager to get into the box quickly. Along the way, he played on the left wing, terrorizing defenders across the league. Over time, the same back lines adapted to stop him.

Rashford was then deployed on the right.

Juggling different positions on the front line hampered the youngsters United striker from mastering the role. This season, however, the 25-year-old has bounced back.

His 15 goals in 25 games means he is scoring 0.6 goals per game. Add five more assists and Rashford will score once every 90 minutes. Some might say that’s not bad form.

United’s goalscoring machine

Before this season’s brilliant form, many considered the 2019-20 season to be Rashford’s best. Before the nagging back injury, the United striker was scoring almost at will. In the period from October to the start of 2020, Rashford’s impressive tally is 11 goals in 15 games.

He finished the season with 17 league goals, 6 of which were from penalties.

How does this Rashford differ from the rampant number 10 for the 2022-2023 season?

In the 2019/20 season, Rashford scored 0.37 goals in 90 games compared to 0.47 goals in 90 this season.

A season to forget

Last season, Rashford’s scorer rating collapsed. He struggled to reach the high standards he set last season. Two major factors that contributed to his loss of productivity were United’s set-up and playing time.

Rashford has already played 1,352 minutes in the Premier League this season – 120 minutes more than in 2021/22.

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In addition, Rashford was forced to play on both flanks and through the center. Inconsistent positioning was characteristic of a Red Devils side in need of more structure.

Rashford this season and in the future

Eric ten Haag moved the United striker back to his favored left flank. This has already paid dividends.

Rashford has scored seven goals in his last six games for the Red Devils.

This productive streak is already his best United in all competitions. Three goals were scored in the Premier League, one in the FA Cup and the remaining three in the League Cup.

One only needs to recall his midweek brace against Charlton Athletic to appreciate the confidence with which Rashford plays now.

It always feels like something could happen when he’s on top. United have not enjoyed the presence of such a goal threat since the youth of the recent departure.

It was nice to see Rashford take charge and torment the defenders this season.