⋆ Selena Gomez Hits Back at Bodyshamers After Golden Globes Appearance: A Closer Look

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Introduction: In today’s world, body shaming has become an unfortunate reality, even for celebrities. After the Golden Globes 2023 awards, Selena Gomez was trolled online for her body. Despite the attempts to stop body shaming, Gomez has been a target of trolls. The Grammy-winning singer has been an inspiration to many people, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Gomez recently responded to the trolls by saying that she is perfect the way she is. Fans quickly came to her defense, flooding social media with support. Gomez has been a strong advocate for self-love and body positivity, and it is inspiring to see her standing up for herself.

Body shaming has never been cool. Unfortunately, our favorite celebrities have to make a lot of tactless comments about their bodies every day just because they’re constantly in the spotlight. Over the years, despite various attempts to stop body shaming, it seems that celebrities are still being shamed and trolled online. After Golden Globes 2023 Reward, Selena Gomez also became a target for trolls.

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular and famous singers in the industry. The Wolves singer has influenced many people around the world and continues to do so. Although Gomez is known for breaking records, the Grammy-winning singer isn’t shy about breaking people’s opinions of her either.

Selena Gomez subtly shuts down trolls for body shaming

Golden Globes 2023 saw a huge ensemble of stars in the audience. Among them was Lose You To Love Me hitmaker Selena Gomez. Shortly after the event, Gomez became the target of trolls, with the singer receiving angry comments about her body. The singer was dressed in a velvet Valentino dress with puffed sleeves. Meanwhile, various photos of Gomez posing at the event began to circulate online.

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However, the Wolves singer was not in the mood, very subtly applauding the haters. Popdaily recently posted a video of Gomez talking to her sister Gracie Elliott, where the singer brushed off trolls for body shaming. Gomez said, “I’m a little too big right now because I had a good vacation.” The singer then reached out to Gracie to get her thoughts on the matter. Meanwhile, the 9-year-old charmingly nodded in agreement.

Seeing Gracie agree with her, Gomez burst out laughing. Also, this isn’t the first time Gomez has slammed trolls for body shaming her body. Earlier in her TikTok series, the “Only Murders in the Building” star gave a decent response to the trolls. Gomez said: “F**k, I’m perfect the way I am.”

The fans came out to support the Wolves hitmaker
Shortly after trolls began bodyshaming Gomez, various fans came to support the singer. Fans flooded Twitter, covering the trolls with appropriate responses.