⋆ “The Strength of the Ginger Gene: How Prince Harry Sees Princess Diana in His Children Archie and Lilibeth”

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Introduction: Prince Harry’s unique relationship with the royal family has been a source of controversy since his birth. His father, Charles, even questioned whether he was his real son. This was compounded by the rumors that Major James Hewitt was his father. To clear the air, Harry took an interview to talk about the redheaded genes of Diana’s family. He spoke about how these genes are strong and seen in his children, Archie and Lilibeth. He even joked about it with Stephen Colbert, who called him the “Lord of the Gingerbread Men”. Despite the upheaval in the royal family, Harry and Meghan have respected their love for Princess Diana and their children.

Prince Harry and his not-so-noticeable resemblance to the royal family have caused controversy since his birth. Starting with his own father who looked at him skeptically, everyone else considered Harry an outcast. Reports even claim that Charles himself called him a spare child after Diana gave birth to Prince Harry after William. Rumors spread by his own father question whether Charles is even his real father.

Although Major James Hewitt it became clear, the harsh accusations that he was Harry’s real father never stopped. This happened because when Charles was engaged to his lover Camilla, Diana sought comfort from her close acquaintances, one of whom was his former lover Hewitt. Clearing the air, Harry took one of his interviews to talk about the redheaded genes of Diana’s family, who were previously blamed for their lover bringing her down.

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Prince Harry spoke about Spencer’s genes from Princess Diana

According to people magazine, the Duke talked about red lines in an interview with Stephen Colbert. The host of the “Late Show” asked the Duke if he sees any of his grandparents in his children. Definitely, mom! exclaimed the prince. Harry grinned as he answered as the lively crowd laughed at his redheaded joke. “The red gene is strong,” said the duke.

According to him, Princess Dayana and notable features of her family, such as the iconic orange curls, were passed down to his children through him. Colbert showed him a picture of their Christmas card for 2021. Archie and his newborn sister Lilibeth were in a playful mood with their parents, while Meghan Markle held Lilibeth in the air, sharing helpful laughs. “Look at them, both redheads,” Colbert said, showing the photo to the public.

The Duke added again that the Spencer gene that runs through the inheritance is strong enough to be reflected in three generations. He then recalled his childhood courtship of Meghan Markle, saying he never believed his maternal family’s influence would reach so far. However, they did. The prince is actually too enthusiastic to be wrong.

Over the past few months, Harry and Megan have shaken the royal family to its foundations. However, the one thing they continued to respect until that date was their love for Princess Diana and their children.

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