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Introduction: It has recently been rumored that Taeyong of NCT is in a relationship with actress Park Joo Hyun. Reports suggest that the two have been playing online games together and that Park Joo Hyun attended an NCT 127 concert from family seating. Despite this, 935 Entertainment, the label of the actress, has released an official statement denying the rumors. The statement claims that the two are simply friends, and that Park Joo Hyun enjoys attending concerts and playing online games as a hobby. The agency of Taeyong has yet to respond to these rumors.

On January 12, rumors surfaced in a popular online community that Taeyong of NCT is in a relationship with actress Park Joo Hyun.

According to the person who started the rumours, the two celebrities like to play online together and Park Joo Hyun allegedly watched NCT 127 concert from seats reserved for family members.

Taeyong de NCT paired with actress Park Joo Hyun?  L'agence de cette dernière répond

Rumors spread quickly on the Internet, and the label of the actress, 935 Entertainment, issued an official statement denying them.

This was said:

“NCT actress Park Joo Hyun and Taeyong they are just friends. She personally attended the concert of singer and actress IU and posted a photo, as well as shared photos of herself from other concerts.

Park Joo Hyun loves games as a hobby and loves them a lot as he posts videos about online games like League of Legends on his YouTube channel. She and NCT’s Taeyong are playing friends and nothing more. Actress Park Joo-hyun is very outgoing and outgoing, so she has many friends and a wide network of contacts.’

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However, of Taeyong the agency did not respond in any way to the rumors.