“28 Fans Only Stars Could Face Court After Filming Scenes at Travelodge Hotel” – Somag News

The adult entertainment industry has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently that it has become more mainstream. With the rise of platforms such as OnlyFans, more people are entering the industry and creating content that can be shared with the world. Recently, a group of over two dozen OnlyFans makers booked a mansion in Newcastle to film a series of adult scenes. Unfortunately, the owner kicked them out, leaving them with no choice but to find an alternative location. The group eventually settled on a Travelodge Hotel, where they booked four rooms and a family room. Although the shoot went off without a hitch, the porn stars were later accused of filming in elevators and hallways. Star Lacey Cupid defended the group, claiming that they were just trying to do their job. Despite the controversy, the group’s story has sparked a conversation about the adult entertainment industry and the discrimination it often faces. With no legal action taken against them, it’s unclear what the outcome will be. However, this story has provided a unique insight into the lives of those who work in the industry and the challenges they face.

A group of more than two dozen Only fans the makers have booked a large mansion in Newcastle to film a series of adult scenes. Unfortunately, the owner kicked them out; so they decided to take other measures. They had originally hoped to book another large house to film, but when that didn’t work out, they decided to go ahead with the plan: the Travelodge Hotel.

A large group reportedly booked four rooms at about $50 a night, as well as a large family room. The shoot itself reportedly went off without a hitch, but the porn stars were later accused of filming in elevators and hallways. Star Lacey Cupid later told The Sun that the shooting did not take place in any of the public places and everyone there was “just trying to do (their) job”.

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You can see her recent photo from her Instagram account Below…

The original plan was to film in a $12,000-a-night mansion in Newcastle on December 12. After they arrived at their rented private house with a pool and jacuzzi, the owner refused the group service, apparently because they did not want a bunch of pornography filmed in their living room. The weather conditions were obviously not very good; so they were looking for something local. As the other estate could not be defended, it was in a Travelodge.

A photo of seven women lying on the same Travelodge bed began circulating on Twitter after the group’s return, prompting the company to launch an investigation, and multiple English media outlets covered the story. Here’s what Travelodge told The Daily Mail…

We have become aware of an allegation that filming may be taking place at one of our hotels without our permission and in breach of our booking conditions. We were not aware of this booking as it was made online, like the millions of bookings made through our website. We are currently investigating this incident and will not hesitate to cancel future bookings and take legal action if we believe any person is breaching our terms.

One of the videos from the shoot was posted on the Amour OnlyFans page, and she, of course, does not hide this incident. Her Twitter feed is a mix of lots and lots of NSFW content and retweets of stories about the Travelodge incident. She later gave an interview to the BBC defending herself and the band…

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It’s one of the oldest industries in existence and we face injustice and discrimination that doesn’t exist in other industries. We are all professionals.

At the moment it is not clear whether Cupid or someone else in the group will face real consequences from the incident. The police were never called to the hotel while they were there. The company’s booking policy reportedly prohibits engaging in any unauthorized commercial activity without prior permission, but there seems a good chance they just want this story to quietly go away rather than continue to feed the publicity machine by suing her. We’ll just have to wait and see.