“Adin Ross and Jenna Ortega Take Their Shot on Wednesday: A Look Into the Future”

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Introduction: Twitch star Adin Ross is no stranger to celebrity encounters, having exchanged messages with Kanye West and receiving a phone call from Drake on his show. Now, Ross is trying to get the attention of Jenna Ortega, the star of Netflix series Wednesday, by posting a viral tweet asking for her attention. Ross and his fans have been using the hashtag “#adinxjenna” to get Ortega’s attention, as well as other celebrities like FaZe Ronaldo and Kai Senate, who have also publicly declared their affection for other stars. So far, it doesn’t seem that Ortega has responded, but Ross and his fans remain hopeful.

Twitch star Adin Ross publicly posed with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega in a viral Twitter campaign appealing for help from her massive fan base.

Adin Ross is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, and while (like many other influencers) he might be considered social media royalty, he also hangs out with a few A-Listers here and there.

In particular, Ross exchanged messages with Kanye West, planning to include the controversial music artist on his show before the show was cancelled, in addition to a phone call from US rapper Drake in the latest stream.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Ross recently tried to get the attention of Jenna Ortega, the star of Netflix series Wednesday, which was just renewed for a second season.

Adin Ross is asking fans to help get Jenna Ortega’s attention on Twitter.

Since then, however, Ross has been unable to enter DM of Ortega the account only accepts messages from people she is subscribed to… so he comes up with a funny plan to get her attention.

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On January 12, Ross created a tweet that instantly became popular on the social network. “Taking my official photo in you @jennaortega,” he wrote. “#adinxjenna…just give me one chance to invite you to a nice dinner.”

Ross compiled and published a post during a live broadcast where he asked his fans to join the campaign using the hashtag “#adinxjenna”. responded to Ross’ attempted flirtation.

In particular, Twitch star Amurant joined the message with a meme: “Thank you Adin for letting me borrow your Bugatti and PJs last week.”

Hassan simply replied to the tweet “LMAO,” while bodybuilder-turned-podcast-host Bradley Martin asked, “I thought you were single?”

Even FaZe Ronaldo got in on the action, posting a photoshopped response from Jenna.

So far it seems Ortega didn’t respond to Adin’s post, but he’s not the only streamer to take a picture of a famous person.

Another TV host Kai Senate has also publicly declared his affection for singer-songwriter SZA, who even considered appearing on one of his streams.