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Celebrity relationships have always been the subject of speculation. Featuring pop music loved by celebrities Selena Gomez, fans can’t help but want to send them their favorites. Even her relationship with Just Bieber was widely discussed, although he ended up marrying Hailey Bieber. However, she was also involved with other people.

She has been linked to several fellow artists over the years, including Charlie Puth, The Weekend and Zedd. Now the ex Disney the actress maintains the status of unmarried. But on the other hand, she is rumored to be dating The Chainsmokers member Drew Taggart. But are they really dating or maybe it’s something else?

Selena Gomez is giving mixed signals about the status of her relationship with Drew Taggart

Just friends, friends with privileges or something else? This is a question that fans are interested in. According to KoiMoi, Selena Gomez was seen holding Drew Taggart’s hands. There is confusion as to whether they are dating or just friends. Earlier, they were photographed on a bowling date together, giving rise to speculation.

But on Slow down the singer was quick to deny the rumours, saying she was happy alone. She also took to Instagram with the article “I’m not married,” indirectly trying to explain her rumors with Taggart. As for the fact that they were holding hands, the last time it happened was in New York, where they were both dressed in black outfits.

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Selena Gomez wore a turtleneck and styled her hair with bangs and a ponytail. At the same time, he draws a dark blue T-shirt with a black jacket. USA magazine reported that sources claim to have seen how cozy they are together. “They are so affectionate and have a lot of fun together,” the source said. But given the Closer singer’s dating history, it’s hard to predict who he’s linked to.

From Steve Jobs’ daughter, Eva Jobs, with Meredith Mickelson, Hailey Rowe and more, the Chainsmokers singer has quite a long dating history. The two have yet to fully deny or acknowledge their relationship. This has led some people to think they are friends with benefits.

What do you think their relationship status is? Comment your thought.