Alonzo Howard Death News: Is he dead or Alive? Check the Death hoax and latest news

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A piece of news has broken on the internet that an American social media personality and Instagram sensation Alonzo Howard was killed in an accident. After hearing about the news the fans of the social media star are shocked about the news. The news has taken the internet by storm. his fans are sending their condolences to his family and friends and posing about him on their social media dedicated to him.

Alonzo Howard

Who was Alonzo Howard?

But now there is a counterargument that some fans believe that There have been rumors on the internet that he was in an accident. But there is no evidence to back up the claims. The news started when some of the fans noticed that Alonzo’s family and friends haven’t said anything about his accident, either. They haven’t shared anything on their social media sites about the sad news.

Now after that revolution the fans are divided into two parts. One believe that Alonzo died in the accident and another said that the news is a hoax to infuriate the fans of the social media star.

Alonzo Howard

Alonzo Howard Death Hoax Explained !

Alonzo Howard is well-known for his dubsmash and dancing challenge videos at the beginning of his social media career. Howard is a talented athlete who competed in football, basketball, and boxing before he became popular on Instagram for his short videos.

In 2016, he made an Instagram account. He deleted his account before taking his social media use to the next level in 2019. After that, he went to his home in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has three sisters and two brothers, so he is one of five children. He was born in Florida on April 14, 2000. He is not married and is single at the moment. In 2016, he was in a relationship with an Instagram star. But even though they had a son together, they didn’t stay together for long, and in 2017 they broke up. after that, he is living a peaceful life with his family and focuses on his job.

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