American Blues Musician Thomasina Winslow Passes Away: Cause of Death Explained

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Cause of death of singer Thomasina Winslow

Thomasina Winslow, an acoustic blues singer/guitarist of the highest level passed away on January 13, 2023. Let’s see how Thomasina Winslow died and the cause of her death in detail.

How did Thomasina Winslow die?

Thomasina Winslow, an American blues musician from Albany, New York, and daughter of folk singer Tom Winslow, has sadly passed away.

She performs both domestically and abroad, taking the blues world with her.

SPXNY photography posted a tribute saying,

“It is with a very heavy heart that I learned this morning that a very dear friend has passed away.

She was a very talented artist, loved life, had the drive to always do for others and believed in other artists and their talent.

I’ll miss you.

May the angels carry you gently.”

Thomasina Winslow cause of death:

American blues musician Thomasina Winslow, aka Sina Winslow, Thomasina, Tunes has died. However, the cause of Thomasina Winslow’s death has not yet been revealed. Her friends, followers and family members shared tributes in social media posts.

Thomasina Winslow first appeared on tape when she was four years old, to her father Tom Winslow.

She was from Albany, New York. She gave instructions to the producer of the song. So he asked her to comply.

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Since then, Thomasina began her musical career. She performs, teaches and even wrote a book about the technique.

These are the performances we hear in the Local 518 Session because Thomasina appeared on WMHT-TV’s-AHA.

Who Was Thomasina Winslow?

Thomasina Winslow was a singer, guitarist and bandleader. She participated in four groups, including a pair with Nick Katzman. She has also taught students in this musical genre and has been a major influence on other aspiring musicians.

Winslow usually sings blues standards that have been covered, but she has also composed a number of original blues and gospel songs.

She is also one of the few African-American female producers working in the contemporary “indie” music scene.

Although she taught a full class of academic and private students for over ten years, she gained most of her notoriety by touring with Katzman in the eastern United States and Europe in early 2006.

Winslow still performs occasional tours. She and Nick Katzman played another gig together on May 6, 2011 at Katzman’s “favorite venue in the US”, The Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor (GCMP), located in Brooklyn, New York.

Tribute to Thomasina Winslow:

Chris Wink posted,

Sad news came to me yesterday. Thomasina Winslow died. She was not only an amazing singer, guitarist and band leader, she was one of the nicest people in the world. Her spirit and enthusiasm were contagious. Her creativity knew no bounds. We could all learn something from her, even if we don’t know how to hold a guitar.
He was always on the move. Music was her life. And I am grateful that she came through my life.
Love and peace to all who knew her. And to her family (I’m looking at you fellow Local 518s too), thank you for sharing a beautiful and loving person with all of us. Blessings to you.
And I will literally never forget that day I spent with her.

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Ken Briggs posted,

Sad news from Carlton and Gary Winslow about their sister Thomasina Winslow today (1/13/2023): “It is a sad day for humanity as a tremendous human being, teacher, musician and friend to all has passed. Thomasina was, and still is, a force to all she met, spoke to, and otherwise impacted during her time on this earth. He will be missed physically by all, but cosmically and spiritually he will always be present. I love you Thomasina!


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