Amir Locke Shooting: No Charges Filed In Fatal Police Shooting, Find Out Cause Of Death & Latest Shooting Video

Two years after the brutal death of GEORGE FLOYD another case of police brutality again came to life and people are not taking it well. The case again does not show good light on the police department. After the news of Amir Locke death hit social media netizens are extremely curious about what happened to a 22 years old young guy getting shot at his own home. Netizens are also furious after knowing that Amir was lethally shot by the Minneapolis police department officer.

Amir Locke Shooting: No Charges Filed In Fatal Police Shooting, Find Out Cause Of Death & Latest Shooting Video

The prosecutors decline the charges against the police officer and other officers who shot the 22 years old black man because the NO-KNOCK WARRANT service led to his death in his apartment complex. The Minneapolis police federation also praised the prosecutor and said the officer was “faced with a deadly threat and he had to make a split-decision decision” to protect himself and others.

The NO-KNOCK warrant can be issued when authorities say they believe knocking or otherwise announcing the presence of law enforcement offices could be dangerous. Minnesota attorney general said in the statement that after a “thorough review”, “there is insufficient admissible evidence to file criminal charges in this case.”

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After more investigation, police find out that at the time of his death he has also legal possession of the firearms which is inside his apartment and he doesn’t have any charges on him.

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The 22 years old Amir Locke was an aspiring musician and had a promising life ahead of him. Before his death, he was in the process of moving to Texas to live near his mother. He was killed on 2nd February 2022. Jeff storm, the attorney for Locke’s family said it was a Disappointing day for the family.

“They just have a very strong belief that the incredible wrong that happened to Amir is going to save other people’s lives,” Storms told CNN. “They’re not going to let the lack of criminal charges slow them down one bit”. The investigation is under process. Follow Bulletin Zone for more news.