An election to fight for

An election to fight for

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Big Mouth Episode 15 Summary and Review: An Election to Fight for

Oh Choong-hwan is the director of the crime-thriller-mystery Korean TV series Big Mouth (), which also stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), Kim Joo-hun, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Yang te to be seen. Kyung-won. The show takes over from Doctor Lawyer’s program on Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST on MBC.

The duration of Big Mouth episode 15 is 70 minutes.

Big Mouth Episode 15

Big Mouth Episode 15

The series is described by Disney+ as:

In order to fight against a mass conspiracy and survive, A LAWYER HELD OVERNIGHT IN A MURDER CASE BECOMES A SEEN AND ENJOYED SCAMMER.

At the chairman’s funeral, when Chang-ho threatens to expose Do-foul ha’s behavior, the fifteenth episode of Big Mouth begins. Joo-hee questions him after he leaves why Chang-ho called him Sung-hyun, and Do-ha assures him he’ll explain everything once they bury the chairman.

Ji-hoon, on the other hand, is eager to finally possess the will of the chairman, but it turns out that the chairman had distributed everything equally to everyone. In addition, the lawyer rejects any attempt to change it. At least they’re happy that Do-ha didn’t change the will. Ji-hoon instructs him to handle the election when Chang-ho calls with election-related news. But Chang-ho doesn’t let go so easily and casually threatens him.

Later, after reading Chairman Kang’s will together, Chang-ho and his colleagues discover that “Chairman Kang” left everything to Do-ha and Joo-hee. The revelation causes a stir in the room and leaves everyone in shock. When Ji-hoon asks Do-ha why he tampered with it, a big fight ensues, with Ji-hoon and the Three Musketeers tripping over each other as they try to attack Do-ha. Do-ha leaves with his wife while being restrained, grinning the entire time.

Mi-ho receives a call from the hospital as everyone ponders the surprising turn of events at the hotel. They warn her that it is quite serious and that she should get a comprehensive checkup as soon as possible. Joo-hee wonders how the chairman left them all and notes that Do-ha doesn’t seem very happy while Mi-ho hides the truth from her family. He jokes that he hasn’t quite adjusted to the unexpected kindness yet because he was too surprised by it.

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Without much choice, Ji-hoon makes a desperate appeal to Chang-ho. When they first meet, Ji-hoon asks him to help him, but he doesn’t beg on his knees. After telling Ji-hoon all about Do-deeds, ha’s Chang-ho urges him to support him in winning the election so that he can overthrow Do-ha using the law. This is his chance to completely subdue Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon doesn’t have much choice at this point but to comply.

Do-ha also makes the decision to transfer his election preference from the National Assembly to mayor. Joo-hee asks him if it’s for Chang-ho, but she eventually assures him that she will be by his side no matter what he decides. She replies that she never doubted Do-ha when he asks her how much she trusts him. Do-ha announces at a press conference that he will become mayor instead after they both reiterate their trust in each other.

Chang-ho, however, is not in danger. Rather, he declares that he will make Do-tomb ha’s of this election.

Mi-ho visits the hospital to finally get a checkup as the election campaign heats up and everyone starts trying to influence the population. The doctor informs the patient that it is an acute stage four lymphoma after the required testing. She must begin chemotherapy immediately and make plans for the future. Mi-ho is clearly devastated and without someone by her side I can’t even understand how hard it must be to keep calm after such news.

Meanwhile, everyone rejoices at Chang’s victory. ho’s As Mi-ho joins them and sees how much fun everyone is having, she looks longingly at her husband and her father, laughing and having fun while someone so dear to them dies.

The next evening, the couple visits the beach, where a tipsy Mi-ho grills her husband with a series of questions before asking if he’s Big Mouse. It turns out she and Gi-gwang both know everything. After imprisoning Do-ha, Chang-ho promises to give up, but Mi-ho urges him to become the best Big Mouse ever by standing up for the helpless and weak. Anyone who knows the truth finds it heartbreaking, and poor Chang-ho has no idea what’s going on.

However, Ji-hele hoon’s strategy seems to fail as the meeting he organized turns into a complete failure and everyone has left to meet Do-ha. During the meeting, it’s amazing to see how quickly everyone he trusted, who seemed to be against Do-ha a moment before, has changed their mind.

However, Joo-hee is on her husband’s side, despite Ji’s attempts to intimidate him and reveal Do-secret ha’s to everyone. Even in front of everyone, she defends him vigorously and threatens to avoid him if he tries to harm him. Ji-hoon pushes himself into a corner and vows revenge somehow.

Ji-hoon goes to Chang-ho because he has no other options and tells him what happened, including the fact that he has no basis for defense despite the important things he has said in public. He hands Chang-ho a pendrive and informs him that this is the extent of his help as there is not much more he can do.

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Ji-hoon is questioned by Chang-ho about Chairman Kang’s son, and Chang-ho informs him that they can have the son and use him in a lawsuit using inheritance law. They will recover a significant sum of money this way, weakening the Do-grip ha’s and influence. Ji-hoon now talks to Joong-rak and informs him about the chairman’s son, a serial killer, and the fact that someone else has been sentenced to prison in his place.

Meanwhile, Mi-ho no doubt feels very depressed after seeing his family and realizes she won’t be able to see them anytime soon. She gets a call while sitting next to her father and secretly takes pictures of him sleeping while learning that Kwang-hyun is likely to die soon and that he is not well.

When Kwang-hyun dies, his sister explains to Mi-ho that he was not a psychopath and that he had assumed the identity of a wealthy serial killer in exchange for money so that their mother could be treated. When the audience adds 2 and 2 you immediately understand what they are talking about and that is a heartbreaking realization.

Now enraged at the change of events, Mi-ho runs to Joo-hee and threatens to reveal all their dark secrets and reveal their true identities. Joo-hee, unfazed, explains to her that it will be tragic if she reveals the truth, but nothing in the world changes. But Mi-ho vows to prove to her that she won’t give up without a fight.

That evening, as Chang-ho is busy with the election non-stop, Mi-ho goes to visit him with some snacks. When he replies that he will be pulling another night, Mi-ho wonders if he’s going to do it again and suggests that they at least meet every day. Despite the fact that she may not even live that long, Chang-ho acknowledges her feelings and promises to make it up after all is said and done.

The next day, Do-ha uses Jeon Soo-il to remove Chang-ho from the election race after learning some intriguing details about one of Chang-ho’s cases. As the debate heats up, it becomes abundantly clear that Do-ha has been planting spies everywhere in an effort to discredit Chang-ho. They bring up the bitcoin case he had lost, and the news that the defendant in the Chang-ho case gave a significant amount of money sent the media into a frenzy.

Ji-hoon confirms that Do-ha is behind these accusations as everyone listens to Chang opponents, hos and after some discussion, Chang-ho chooses to reach the goal and make the argument to face the challenge. Mi-ho determines there is something she needs to look into to help her husband win the election that night after recalling the pipes that appeared to belong to the fish farm.

Big Mouth Episode 15Big Mouth Episode 15

Big Mouth Episode 15

Finale of Big Mouth Episode 15

The next day, while Chang-ho attends the debate, Mi-ho and Jerry investigate the suspicious fish farm where the security is too tight. She asks Jerry to arrest everyone because she has to enter the fish farm.

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Mi-ho gears up for a pretty dangerous foe while Chang-ho and Do-ha face off in a generally awkward situation.

Review of Big Mouth: Episode 15

Is it strange that the male lead has to lose the female lead in order to advance in his mayoral election? When programs do this, I always find it rather odd; why does Mi-ho have to suffer such pain to show that Do-ha is a nasty guy and no one should trust him? I’m actually interested in why female protagonists are treated in such a disposable way or if their stories would lose meaning if they didn’t go through anything terrible.

The fact that she went to such lengths to ensure that this development took place and, coincidentally, that it would solve all of her husband’s problems, strikes me as incredibly helpful. These character arcs are terrible, lazy and overly handy.

Regardless of how my brief rant makes you feel, I loved this episode. It’s the pinnacle of entertainment. There are several touching moments, especially when poor Kwang-hyun passes away. I don’t understand how the death of a little boy can have such an impact on me. I don’t know if it was Yoona’s great acting or the music in the background, or a combination of them all, but they all worked together to make me feel that moment. especially with that last, little surprise.

Such insights and moments are sprinkled throughout the program, keeping you thinking all the time. The chairman’s son is someone I look forward to very much. Hopefully that’s quite intriguing. Since Mi-ho will already reveal the truth about the fish plant, I doubt that would be relevant.

I’m also not sure if Joo-hee really likes Do-ha or if she’s just being mocked and laughed at for supporting her murderous husband. While she doesn’t seem as terrible as he is, her unwavering support is very misplaced. Hopefully, she’ll stop trusting him when she learns the whole truth in the Big Mouth finale. Who knows, maybe she’s also a member of Big Mouse’s group and Chang-ho just isn’t aware of it.

Although Jerry is not often seen, he is again a sight to behold. Yes, I’ll keep an eye on him and his suits.

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