Who Was Anita Knutson? Ex-Roommate Nichole Rice Arrested 15 Years After Stabbed Anita To Death!

Former roommate arrested: A piece of news has been surfacing on the internet web, where the police have arrested a woman who ever been the roommate of an 18 years old college student. According to the reports, the roommate Nichole Rice has been alleged to kill her college roommate Anita Knutson 15 years ago. The North Dakota Police arrested the woman on Wednesday. Since then the news has been trending all over the social media platform. Furthermore, the police have got strong evidence that proves that she has killed her roommate.

Now, you must be thinking about who was the victims and how was she killed? For further updates stay on this page.

Who Was Anita Knutson? Ex-Roommate Nichole Rice Arrested 15 Years After Stabbed Anita To Death!

Right now, the suspect has been taken into custody by the North Dakota Police. According to the police reports, the suspect is identified as Nicole Rice whose age is 34 years. She has been charged for the murder of her college roommate Anita Knutson. As per the reports, Anita Knutson was a student at Minor State University.

On June 4, 2007, she was found stabbed to death in her apartment. It will take almost 15 years to get to the murderer of Anita. The Minot Police Department arrested Nichole Rice when she was on duty at MInor Air Force as a civilian. Right now, the news has gone viral all over the internet web.

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Other than this, police Chief John Klung stated in the evening press conference that was held on Wednesday. He stated, “It was a relief”. “It was good to know that finally, the one case that we’ve had hanging out there that we just could not get to a solution was finally over”.

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According to the reports, Nichole Rice has proven guilty for the murder of her roommate Anita Knutson 15 years ago. Right now, she has been sent to the Ward County Jail. However, the chief police Klug said, “I wish we could have solved the case soon, but I am glad that we have finally got Anita Knutson’s murderer in custody”.

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