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With more and more TV shows suffering from first-season cancellations these days, especially in the streaming world, it’s undoubtedly harder than ever for creators and stars to feel safe. However, no one contacted CBS Tierra del Fuego has too much to worry about in the near future as it is falling apart more than ever in 2023. bucked the usual television trends by continuing to grow its core audience in the second half of its first season.

In particular, “Land of Fire” celebrated its biggest three-week stretch in terms of viewership stats and demo ratings, with two of the episodes in question drawing the most overnight viewers for the young series. (All of this leads up to what will likely be the most-watched installment of the season, but more on that below.) In the run-up to the midseason premiere on Jan. 6, Tierra del Fuego was like many others promoting the premiere of the series, garnering its biggest audience at the time: 5.91 million nightly viewers and a 0.4 demo rating in adults 18-49. But while that statistic remained intact in the December finale (directed by star Kevin Alejandro), the CBS drama’s return in the new year managed to garner even more attention.

The stressful winter premiere, titled “No Good Deed,” is currently the biggest episode of “Terra del Fuego” to date, in both live same-day totals and delayed 7-day stats. Check out how things are going with this and the next two episodes below.

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Fire Country ratings so far in 2023

Episode Live Stats + Same Day Live + 7 stats
No Good Deed (January 6) 6.57 million viewers, 0.6 rating 9 million viewers, 0.9 rating
“Get Hopes” (January 13) 5.95 million viewers, 0.5 rating TBA (Total Live + 3 puts it at 7.96 million viewers and a 0.6 rating)
Mama Bear (January 20) 5.89 million viewers, 0.5 rating (not final) TBA

It’s important to note here that despite the fact that Mama Bear’s preliminary stats, as reported by SpoilerTV, show that viewership numbers are lower than the series premiere, it’s entirely possible that the episode’s finale numbers will be high enough to be the third most popular number to date. If so, then 2023 is already an important year for Fire country. (Just keep the fire away from the flammable banner.)

It’s also worth noting and celebrating, even in addition to the impressive delayed viewing stats given above, that the winter premiere of Tierra del Fuego was the first time the show was able to reach a larger audience than its sequel on Friday night’s “Blue Bloods.” The latter drama has long been one of CBS’s lesser-discussed weapons, with such solid ratings that any drama can count on having a 10 p.m. slot. The time slot is Friday nights. And despite that win not being repeated in the last two weeks, the fact that Bode and Co. even once beat Reagan’s team was unexpected.

Which brings us to what will undoubtedly draw Tierra del Fuego’s biggest audience this season: The 112th episode of “Two Pink Lines” will air on Sunday, January 29, following the conclusion of the AFC Championship game on CBS. also available for live and on-demand streaming. Check out the trailer Below!

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It was clear that To Max Thiriot the new performance was important for both the actor and the network when he left his series role on SEAL Team to focus on the CBS drama. In retrospect, it might have seemed like a terrible idea if Tierra del Fuego’s appeal had faded quickly, but luckily for everyone involved, it’s an unmistakable rating. All puns are intended.

New episodes of Tierra del Fuego air every Friday on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET, which can also be streamed by anyone with a Paramount+ subscription. Head over to our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the coming months.