Baba Hola, Helen Davis, Passes Away at 97: TikTok Grandmother’s Cause of Death Explained

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Grandma Hola, aka Helen Davis

Baba Hola aka Helen Davies, TikTok grandma passed away at 97. Let’s see how Grandma Hola died and the reason of her death in detail.

How did Grandma Hola die?

Baba Holla, who was known for her funny videos on social media, passed away on January 15, 2023 at the age of 97.

The Lottery Frappe and Laughs page shared the video message confirming Grandma Holla’s death.

Her granddaughter confirmed Grandma Holla’s death. Her granddaughter shared about Queen Holla’s death in a live video on the Lottery Frappe and Laughs Facebook page.

Baba Holla’s fans and followers sent heartfelt messages when they heard the news of the death in the comments section.

Cause of death of grandmother Hola:

Baba Hola, the TikTok icon, has died after a battle with advanced cancer. She had more than a million followers on her social media page.

Baba Hola was a well-known figure on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Several videos featuring this woman became popular. She is honest and candid in these videos.

Baba Holla, who is undoubtedly older, is blissfully oblivious to how things work. Thus, she became well known online for her humorous translations.

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Who was Grandma Hola?

Baba Holla aka Helen Davis was a popular social media personality who was well known for her hilarious comments and speaking her mind.

Before she became famous, Baba Hola had a significant following on social media. Her granddaughter records her videos and posts on social media platforms.

Grandma Holla gained popularity online after R&B singer Toni Braxton shared one of her videos on her social media page. This boosted Hola’s fame and she gained a huge number of new fans. As a result, the grandmother gained more than a million followers.

She offers commentary on a wide range of topics including relationships, celebrities and healthy eating.

This 96-year-old experienced lady had become famous in numerous videos for speaking her mind, cursing when she wanted to, and just telling it like it was.

Many of her videos feature other people talking to her at home or in a car, or even just asking her questions. In general, it offers commentary on a wide range of topics. She was funny and a joy to many.

Condolences to Grandma Hola:

Melba Moore published,

Condolences to the family, Queen Hola was a gem to the world.

Derek Mallow comment

Please let us know when the service will be! Sending flowers for Grandma Hola!

Honorable Hodo-Grant published,

Oh nooo!!! So sorry to hear that!!! But she is in no more pain!!! Blessings, love you family!!! Rest In Paradise Queen!!!

Zalaina Grant published,

Prayers for her family!! Thanks to Chell for sharing her grandma with ALL of us!! I really loved her!!

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Loretta Allen published,

Mrs Helen Davies, also known as Mrs Holla died today. She was truly a joy to watch.
Condolences to her family. Rest in peace, blessed, beautiful soul


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