2 Killed In Batavia Car Accident Cause Kirk Road Closed, Officers Confirmed The Latest News

Another accident has been reported with a casualty that goes viral all around the world. The news of the Batavia Car Accident has been reported on Monday Afternoon. The car crash involved 6 vehicles in which 2 people have died. The 6-car collision was actually very gruesome which became the main reason for the death of 2 people and injuries to some people. Just after the accident was reported to the spot, the police reached and start the rescue operation. After the authorities took injured and parted people to the hospital, they start their investigation. Now, people are trying to find out what’s exactly happened when six cars collided with each other. Follow Bulletin Zone for further news.

Batavia Car Accident Update: 2 Died & 2 Injured In Car Crash

The Batavia Car Accident happened when a passenger car tried to change the lane but unfortunately collided with a semi-trailer. As we can understand that the collision was very brutal that caused the car to cross over into oncoming traffic. The car came to the rest of its roof which cause two death in the fatal car crash. So far, the names of the deceased have not been released by the officials. But, we are trying to get complete detail related to the victims and investigation.

Let us also tell you that a tractor semi-trailer, a tractor pulling a fuel tank, and four cars were involved in the Batavia Car Crash that happened around 1:36 PM on Monday. After the collision, police confirmed that there was no hazardous material leaked from the fuel tank. On the other hand, a woman and a young child have been transferred to the hospital who got some injuries.

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They both are not go life-threatening injuries. Also, other vehicles who was available at the time of accident are safe. There were only two people lost their life in this accident.

Along with it, two other people injured in Batavia Car Accident and the investigation is going on. Let us also tell you that the accident cause the closure of Northbound Kirk Road, from Pine Street to Wind Energy Pass until 6:10 PM. We will update our page with fresh information as we know that thousands of people waiting for additional report.