How Did Boynton Beach Crane Accident Happen In Which 2 Workers Killed At Construction Site Check Latest News

A fatal crane accident occurred at Boynton Beach construction. The Fire Rescue and deputies arrived at the scene.  Ever since the press has released the news on social media, it has been trending all over the internet. According to the reports, two construction workers were involved in the ‘Boynton Beach Crane Accident’ at Boynton Beach construction. Boynton Beach Police stated that concrete had crumbled on two construction workers at the site. The construction site is located on East Woolbright Road east of Federal Highway.

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How Did Boynton Beach Crane Accident Happen In Which 2 Workers Killed At Construction Site Check Latest News

Boynton Beach Crane Accident has been trending on the top of Google searches. We also have been getting pictures and footage of the accident from social media. Now, it seems most people have been looking for detailed information about the accident on the internet web. Boynton Beach Police and Fire Rescue have also cleared the area of the construction site. Apart from it, it is being also said that they had restricted the construction site for a while.

According to the officials, the rescue team identified the victims as Jeremias Mendez, 32, and Eduardo Cruz-Moran, 25 at the construction site. Boynton Beach Crane Accident has also been gaining huge attention on social media right now. Due to this, it has gone viral on the internet web. Recently, we also got a statement from Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Jarvis Prince.

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He stated that the investigation will be carried on until they conclude the Boynton Beach Police seized the area which is situated inside the Riverwalk Plaza. Apart from it, the police have given reports and updates to the press and media. Right now, the press is showing the accident news on its various news channel.

On Tuesday morning, Resident Susan Millard arrived at the construction site where the accident occurred. He said, “It’s just tragic”, “People in the business were all out and they couldn’t believe it either. It’s just you don’t expect this, you really don’t”. As we get any future updates regarding the Boynton Beach Crane Accident news, we will let you updated.