“Bryce Hall Challenges KSI Ahead of FaZe Temper Boxing Match”

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Introduction: With the start of the new year, the influencer boxing scene is once again in full swing. KSI’s upcoming match against FaZe Temperrr on January 14th has been making headlines, with the Brit’s decision to replace Dillon Denis with Temperrr drawing criticism from many. Now, TikTok star Bryce Hall has joined the fray, calling out KSI for “shrinking” ahead of the fight. Hall and KSI had a falling out in 2022, and Hall has been vocal about his opinion on the fight. KSI has been keeping an eye on Temperrr, and a possible fight against Jake Paul is in the works. It remains to be seen when these two giants will finally meet in the ring and who will come out on top.

TikTok star Bryce Hall has criticized KSI for “shrinking” ahead of the Brit’s upcoming boxing match with FaZe Temperrr this weekend.

The influencer boxing bug is back in full force and YouTube star KSI will start 2023 with a bang in his next match against American creator FaZe Temperrr on January 14th.

This fight has been making a lot of noise lately, drawing backlash from influencers and combat sports professionals alike due to the fact that KSI picked up an opponent in Temperrr after Dillon Denis suddenly pulled out just a week before the fight.

Names like Tyrone Woodley, Slim Albacher and more weren’t too happy about KSI’s replacement – and it looks like Bryce Hall is the latest to make a decision.

KSI, Temperrr and other fighters involved gathered for a press conference on January 12th, where KSI made some loud statements about his boxing prowess…claims that Bryce Hall couldn’t help but poke fun at in a video response.

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“People are scared of me,” KSI boasted, drawing laughter from Hall.

Bryce Hall called KSI “the baddest man alive” before the fight with Temperrr

“I’ll give KSI the benefit of the doubt and say it’s a powerful marketing technique to be the angriest person in the world,” he said, laughing at the Brit. β€œHe can’t be taken seriously. It’s like he can’t honestly think that people are afraid of him.

β€œBig fan of everything he’s built with his boxing career and inappropriate, but dude, whatever his PR team tells him, tell them to stop. Fire these people.


#point with @misfitsboxing I will watch again

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This isn’t the first time Bryce has called out KSI; in fact, the two creators had a bit of a falling out in 2022 after Hall’s attempts to arrange a fight with Deji caught the attention of KSI, leading to a disagreement over payment.

Now, KSI is keeping a close eye on Temperrr and a possible fight against Jake Paul will take place later this year, but it’s still unclear when these two giants will finally meet in the ring.