Carnival Ride Accident: A 14 Years Old Boy Fell From Free Fall Ride and Died At ICON Park

Carnival Ride Accident: A few weeks ago, there was a tragic incident that occurred at ICON Park where a 14 years old boy fell from the ride and died. Since then the news has been trending all over the internet. The Orange County Sheriff Officer said that the incident took place around 11 PM on Thursday in Orlando, Florida. According to the reports, the Orlando Free Fall rides is known as the world’s tallest ride and the height of the tower is 430 feet. The authorities of the amusement park were ordered to shut down the ride for a while until the County Sheriff investigates the case.

Carnival Ride Accident

For a few weeks, Carnival Ride Accident news has been searching at the top of Google searches. As per the reports, the teenage boy was breathing when he fell from the ride. The emergency unit rushed him to the hospital, where he died due to severe injuries. As per County Sheriff, the boy was identified as Tyre Sampson who came to see Carnival in Orlando along with his family.

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It was one of the horrifying that occurred at ICON Park where an innocent accidentally fell from the Free Fall. Since then the news has been attaining the attention of people from all over the world.

However, the investigation team was trying to figure out what caused the boy to fall from Free Fall. As per the reports, the authorities examined the ride after the incident. There was no technical default in the ride.

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As per the reports, it is being said that the incident was an accident. During the press conference, Officer Mina said, “There are no criminal charges filed at this time. We will see moving forward what the investigation results in”.

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As per the officer’s statement, the investigation team is still investigating the Carnival ride accident case to figure out whether it is an accident or not. In the meantime, there are several videos we got to see regarding the incident on social media. Stay tuned with us for future updates.

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