“Caroline Polacek Responds to Being Labeled as ‘This Generation’s Kate Bush'”

Introducing Caroline Polachek, a multi-talented artist whose music is inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple, Kate Bush and Björk. Recently, Polachek’s new album ‘Desire, I Want To Turn To You’ has been compared to Bush and suggested to be the Kate Bush of Generation Z. With her emotive and expressive music, Polachek has gained a loyal fan base around the world. To celebrate the release of her album, she will be embarking on a UK, European and North American tour, followed by a headline performance at London’s Wide Awake Festival. Get ready to experience the unique sound of Caroline Polachek and be mesmerized by her captivating live performance.

Caroline Polachek said she was “no end annoyed” by fans comparing her to Kate Bush.

I go to Twitter, Polachek said: “While I understand it’s a huge compliment, I’m beyond annoyed to be told I’m ‘this generation’s Kate Bush.’ SHE is our generation’s Kate Bush, an active chart-topping performer and irreplaceable.”

“Meanwhile, I’m this generation’s Caroline Polacek,” she added.

“Yes,” replied Tracey Thorne of the recently reunited group Everyone But the Girl. “Speaking of irreplaceable legends,” Polacek said.

Polachek has been compared to Bush since the release of her album ‘Pang’ in 2019, and a recent article in the Guardian suggested that her new album ‘Desire, I Want To Turn To You’ could make her the ‘Kate Bush of Generation Z’ .

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“Emotion and pure expression and energy spilling out and splashing all over — I find that to be a very musical idea,” Polacek said in an interview.

“I’ve always believed in the idea of ​​a capitalized alternative,” she continued. “Growing up listening to artists like Fiona Apple, Kate Bush and Björk, and seeing these women who demanded a lot of attention, seemingly without compromise, was so inspiring to me. Developing this project is a great adventure: how can I do it in a way that feels like I still have all my creative sovereignty as well as my personal space?’

“Desire, I Want To Turn Into You” was announced last month and is set to be released digitally on February 14th and in physical formats on April 14th.

The former vocalist of Chair lift also confirmed UK, European and North American tour details. Starting on February 10 in Brighton, Polacek will play six shows in the UK, followed by a few more shows in Europe. A 22-date North American tour will follow in April.

Caroline Polachek will then return to the UK to headline London’s Wide Awake Festival alongside Daniel Avery, Shygirl, Coucou Chloe, Blondeshell, Jockstrap and Joy Orbison.