Cause of Death of Cousin Patrice Cullers, Co-Founder of BLM, Explained: A Look into Keenan Anderson’s Passing

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Keenan Anderson cause of death

Patrice Cullers, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, claims that the Los Angeles Police Department is responsible for the killing of her cousin during a traffic stop. Let’s learn more about how Keenan Anderson died and the cause of death of Keenan Anderson in detail.

Video of the Jan. 3 standoff, which was released Wednesday, showed Keenan Anderson, a 31-year-old father and high school teacher, begging for help as several officers held him down. A man was the subject of a use-of-force incident in Venice in early January, according to body camera and cell phone evidence released by the Los Angeles Police Department. The man, named Keenan Anderson, died in hospital a few hours after this video was taken.

How did Keenan Anderson die?

On Tuesday, Cullers posted on Instagram that her cousin Keenan Anderson died on Jan. 3 in the Los Angeles area of ​​Venice.

“My relative was a teacher who worked with teenagers in high school. He was an English teacher,” Cullers said. On Jan. 3, an officer on Venice Boulevard noticed Anderson “running in the middle of the street and exhibiting unusual behavior,” according to the LAPD, and reported him for a traffic collision.

According to the LAPD, witnesses to the collision told the officer that Anderson was at fault. According to a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department, the officer called Anderson and requested additional officers to attend the scene to conduct a DUI investigation.

According to LAPD, Anderson cooperated with the officer before leaving the area on foot while more officers arrived. “Officers had to use force as Anderson began to push them away as they approached him.

Anderson resisted for many minutes while officers used a TASER, body weight, rigid handcuffs and joint locks to subdue him,” law enforcement officials said in a press release.

Keenan Anderson’s cause of death

Anderson was treated by the Los Angeles Fire Department after being taken into custody, and after being taken to the hospital, he suffered cardiac arrest and died according to the LAPD.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michelle Moore said at a news conference Wednesday that it was not known if part of the physical altercation with the cops and the use of the Taser contributed to his tragic death. In response to ABC News’ request for comment, Cullers remained silent. When ABC News reached out to the LAPD for comment, they did not immediately respond.

“Keenan deserves to live in this time and his son deserves to have his father as a role model. Keenan, we will fight for you and all the members of our family who have been hurt by state violence,” on Instagram, she posted.

What happened at the place? The video explains:

Body camera footage of a man allegedly involved in a crash in Venice was used by Los Angeles police to subdue him.

The public release of the footage on Wednesday coincides with calls for justice for Keenan Anderson, a black man who died after a standoff with police. Anderson called an LAPD officer on a motorcycle for help in the footage, filmed on January 3.

Locals pointed at Anderson and said he was to blame for the collision when police approached the scene. The hit-and-run suspect continued to apologize to Anderson as the officer approached him, saying, “kindly sir, I wasn’t trying to do that.” As Anderson and the officer spoke, the suspect began telling the LAPD that someone had tried to kill him at one point.

Anderson appeared to confuse the LAPD officer when asked for additional information when asked if he had performed a stunt before and that someone was going to “add stuff” to his car.

Anderson begs the officer for water in another body camera video, and the officer appears to offer to comply later. However, later in the exchange, the suspect asks to be seen. He then made his way through the intersection, starting a short pursuit.

A struggle between Anderson and several LAPD officers ensued after the cops found Anderson at the busy intersection. One of the LAPD cops threatened Taser Anderson numerous times during the fight if he didn’t stop fighting. The man screamed, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!” as officers tried to roll him over and place him on his stomach.

The officer repeatedly used a Taser on Anderson during the struggle between the LAPD and Anderson, including once for more than 10 seconds. Anderson was later apprehended and taken into police custody. Anderson was subsequently transported to a Santa Monica hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. According to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department, Anderson died of a heart attack.

Who Was Keenan Anderson?

Family members say Anderson is related to Patrice Cullers, who is credited with co-founding the Black Lives Matter movement. Anderson was remembered by his relatives as the father of a 6-year-old child and an English teacher.

In a social media post, Cullers said that Anderson’s child deserves to be raised by his father and that Keenan “deserves to live right now.” On social media, Cullers said in part, “Keenan[,] we will fight for you and all ours [loved] hurt by state violence.” BLM Los Angeles calls for LAPD Chief Moore’s resignation in response to reports of killings.

Statement by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

Following the deadly incident, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass issued the following statement:

“I have serious concerns about the deeply disturbing records that have been released today. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones grieving the loss of Thakar Smith, Keenan Anderson and Oscar Sanchez.

Full investigations are underway, and I promise that city officials’ investigations into these deaths will be transparent and reflect the values ​​of Los Angeles. I will ensure that the city’s investigations lead only to truth and accountability. Additionally, the employees involved should be immediately placed on leave.

Regardless of what these investigations determine, however, the need for urgent change is clear. We need to reduce the use of force in general and I have no tolerance for excessive force. We must also lead our city forward—finally—on the mental health crisis that has been allowed to grow, fester, and cause so much harm to individual Angelinos, their families, and our communities.

Especially as a former health professional, I am deeply disturbed that mental health experts were not called in, even when there was a documented history of a past mental health crisis. When there is no immediate risk to others, law enforcement should not be the first to respond when someone is experiencing a mental health crisis. I believe the officers and Angelinos agree with this.

Unfortunately, this is a national crisis, and in reviewing a sample of incidents where people died during encounters with police as part of my legislative work in Congress, my office found that a third or more of the people involved were in a mental health crisis “It’s time for proven reforms to be implemented across the board and accelerated within the LAPD. Los Angeles must lead nationally in mental health and use of force reform.

I appreciate Chief Moore’s decision to release the tape today. Policy allows up to 45 days before footage of use-of-force incidents is released, but I believe the LAPD needs to be as transparent as possible, as quickly as possible.”Once again, my heart goes out to the families and loved ones who experience such a tragic loss.’


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