Cause of Death of Natasha Chansa Mwansa, Resident of the Lubuto Center Explained

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How did Natasha Chansa Mwansa die?  The cause of death of the resident of the Lubuto center has been explained

We regret to inform you that on 12 January 2023 Mrs Natasha Chansa Mwansa, a former resident of Lubuto Centre, passed away unexpectedly. Look what happened to her and Natasha Chansa Mwansa cause of death.

How did Natasha Chansa Mwansa die?

The news of Mwansa’s death was announced on the official Lubuto Community New Facebook page, the statement read as follows,

FUNERAL NOTICE | We are saddened to announce the passing of Mrs Natasha Chansa Mwansa, a former resident of Lubuto Centre.

Mrs Mwansa, 37, who recently moved to Lusaka, died at her home in the early hours of Thursday, January 12, 2023. This was confirmed to Lubuto Community News by her uncle, Mr Mabala Chiwama.

The late Mrs Mwansa leaves behind four children. The funeral will be announced later as the family is yet to decide whether the burial will take place in Lusaka or here in Lubuto. LCN extends its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, friends and colleagues of the late Mrs Mwansa.

Natasha Chansa Mwansa cause of death

According to reports, it was confirmed that she died unexpectedly. Although the cause of death of Natasha Chansa Mwansa is yet to be revealed. Aside from the confirmation of her death, the real cause of Natasha Chansa Mwansa’s death has not yet been made public, so it is currently unknown what caused her death.

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We are trying to contact his friends and family to find out more information regarding the death of Natasha Chansa Mwansa. As more information becomes available about the unfortunate incident that has caused so much grief, this section will be updated as quickly as possible. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the Natasha Chansa Mwansa family.

Condolences posted on social media for Natasha Chansa Mwansa

Isadora Chindima

This is shocking, rest in peace Natasha.

Chanda Chipasha

Natasha gone too soon condolences to the family.

BA Smar

Um, of course. This is so sad, umwipwa aya zona. MHSRIP.

Esther Denz Causeni

I can’t believe, Natasha, that you are gone, may God accept you and may your soul rest in peace

Louisa Lamy

Sad, looks so familiar like I know her, may her soul rest in peace


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