Chicco Twala Arrested: Who is Chicco Twala? Why he is Arrested?

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Chicco Twala Arrested: A piece of news has been making headlines all over the internet, ever since the State Arrested the Chicco Twala for pointing a gun at a city power worker. As per the sources, the worker was doing his duty. Along with it, people of that locality have been without electricity since Wednesday. Nowadays, electricity is the most important resource for humankind. We can’t do our daily routine without electricity. So, the man who hadn’t had electricity for a few days. Neither he couldn’t call anyone nor use the internet. Our daily routine works depend on power and electricity.

Chicco Twala Arrested

Chicco Twala Arrested: Explain

Chicco Twala was arrested for pointing a gun ta toward the power workers. However, the Police arrested him for having a gun in a public place. After his arrest, he made a statement that police have reason to arrest him. He says that no one can go above the law so he can be arrested. Twala said, “If someone thinks that no one would be arrested and thinks that he can break the law then he is wrong”. You have to pay the price of your crime. And, his arrest is the proof.

However, people have been believing that he is rich and powerful so he may have bribed the judges or the police to release from the jail. They also claimed that it was just a publicity stunt that was performed as planned by Chicco Twala. According to the sources, people are against the statement that he said in front of the public.

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Chicco Twala Wiki Bio, Age, Instagram, and Twitter

Some sources have claimed that he was framed for all this. Now, he has gained haters after his action on social media. Although, disgrace and haters are part of a successful person. You can’t deal with future problems until you do not see the failures.

There are various popular celebrities who must have suffered from the public counterblast. We don’t have to care about the haters on social media. Just we need to calm down those tough situations.

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