Chinese netizens attack BLACKPINK’s Jenny for ‘inappropriate behavior’ in Hong Kong ⋆ Somag News

The BLACKPINK The world concert tour was highly praised, receiving both positive and negative reviews depending on the dates.

The group is currently in the middle of the Asian leg of their tour and just played a three-show Hong Kong concert from January 13th to 15th.

Only, it seems, after these concerts, some netizens are angry with Jenny. Some in the online Weibo community say that she didn’t give 100%, but also that she would show disdain for Chinese fans.

This topic became the most popular search on Weibo with almost a billion views, and the video attacking Jenny garnered over 13 million views and 1.2 million likes.

As a result, many users lashed out at Jenny through her Instagram, criticizing her for “inappropriate behavior” at concerts in Hong Kong.

Jennie de BLACKPINK attackede par des internetutes chinois pour son "behavior inappropriate" in Hong Kong

Also on Twitter, several Internet users criticized the idol, adding photos and videos “proving” their claims.

After seeing these attacks on Jenny, many fans came to her defense and asked YG to intervene so as not to tarnish the idol’s reputation.

“Many Chinese think so Jen he didn’t perform very seriously at a concert in Hong Kong, he didn’t like China and he didn’t respect Chinese fans. Ironically, none of them went to Hong Kong because they saw fake videos posted by Jen haters on DouYin.

“Some Chinese people on Weibo are spreading pornographic rumors about Jenny. Are they thinking about the hugs and kisses of the founders Jenny and Jacquemus were unethical????

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What is wrong with these Chinese people???”

What do you think?