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Students at the University of Southern California posted several videos showing To Hassan Paiker Tik Toks in class during class, prompting Hassan himself to react to the video.

Hassan Piper is one of the most influential political figures and one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. His content has a wide reach across multiple platforms and many listen to his opinion on current events.

But these opinions have spread to more places than you might think. Several videos have surfaced of a USC professor using Hasan Pyker’s TikToks as part of his lesson plan.

The students who videotaped the class certainly shed some light on some questions about what goes on in modern college classrooms.

Hassan Paiker Tik Toks in a USC professor’s lesson plan

As the world is constantly evolving, education makes sense to evolve as well. While traditional political commentators still exist as part of certain news networks, creatives like Hasan have forged their own paths as independent contributors.

He achieved incredible success and even college professors used his rhetoric in their classes.

Or so it seems on the surface. Hassan joked that the training was worth it, but as it turns out, Hassan’s Tik Tok page may be about more than just the content.

According to responses from various Twitter users, this course is taught by a faculty member at the University of Southern California Film School who has experience teaching streaming as well as teaching diversity in cinema.

It’s not clear if this is a lesson in the actual process of creating his content or the rhetoric contained in Hassan’s content, but the fact that his videos are being used to teach has attracted the interest of a much larger audience than the professor. originally intended.

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