“Customer Left Baffled After Being Forced to Tip Robots Who Made Him a Drink”

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Introduction: Technology has come a long way, and now robots are being used to make drinks in bars. Recently, a customer went viral on TikTok after revealing that he was forced to leave a 10% tip to the robots who made his drink. This has sparked a heated debate on the platform, with many expressing their thoughts on the automated prompts. It has also prompted people to reflect on the implications of the rise of robots and automation in the service industry. In this article, we explore the reactions to the customer’s experience of having to tip robots.

A client has gone viral TikTok after revealing that he was forced to leave a 10% tip to the robots who made his drink.

In a video with over 1.2 million views, content creator Aptin filmed The Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas, a bar where all the drinks are made by robots.

Looking at his account, he found it included a 10% service charge. “Normally I don’t mind an automatic 10% tip for making my drink, but you’re a robot,” Aptin said in the clip.

The video then showed two robotic arms in the process of creating mixed cocktails.

According to TikTokers, there is no “no way to opt out”, meaning customers have no choice but to tip bots. Frustrated, he also added that the ice cream machine broke down and his drink came without ice.


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TikTok reacts to the fact that customers are forced to tip robots

In the comments, many TikTok users spoke at length about their thoughts on the automated prompts.

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“I would absolutely complain about automatic tips. It goes against my culture’s views on the value of tips,” said one user.

“I refuse to spend money on a company that requires automated advice,” added another. “Reminds me of the ‘convenience fee’ when buying tickets online,” said a third.

“I wouldn’t go there if I had to pay mandatory tips to robots. This goes beyond the scope,” commented another.

Others joked about the situation.

“If you don’t tip, the robot lords will remember,” joked one user. “They’ll remember this during the robot uprising,” joked another.

“Better give that advice bro, I don’t like what the Terminator movies were talking about,” wrote a third.

This is just the latest tips related video shot TikTok after a DoorDash driver recorded himself bumping into customers who didn’t leave tips.