Dandrea Martin Dead Or Alive: What Happened To Sacramento Shooting Suspect? Find Out Victims’ Latest News

The authority of Sacramento County has informed that on 3rd April 2022 Sunday morning a mass shootout had started by two men. The videos got surfaced on social media. One of the videos shows two men physically fighting in front of a nightclub. The fight escalated when one of the men Dandrea Martin start firing rapidly while the other suspect choked another person. The Sacramento police announced that six people had died while 12 others are fatally injured. According to the report, the incident happened at the 10th and K street of Sacramento sometime around 3:30 am.

Dandrea Martin Dead Or Alive: What Happened To Sacramento Shooting Suspect? Find Out Latest News

The police also announced an arrest had been made for the mass shooting which took the lives of many innocent people. They identified 26 years old Dandrea Martin as one of the ‘Relative suspects’. Police have charged him with illegal firearm possession and charges on suspicion of assault. Reportedly the police records show he already had an outstanding warrant on the misdemeanor crime before this.

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He is set to appear in his first court appearance in front of a judge on Tuesday afternoon. The arrest was made after the detective on the case. The SWAT team member received search warrants to search three houses that are suspected to be occupied by the suspects. During their search, they recovered one handgun.

The police have informed that they find more than 100 shell casings of the bullets fired at the crime scene where the shooting happened on Sunday. Not only that two other buildings and a few cars near the nightclub found evidence of the firing.

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12 people are injured in the shoot and at least four of them are fatally injured and admitted to the hospital for their treatment.

President Biden himself commented on the incident and said “Today, America once again mourns for another community devastated by gun violence,” Biden said. “But we must do more than mourn; we must act”. Follow Bulletin Zone for more news.