Darren Moore found dead, what happened to jewelry maker Blingblingbling?

Darren Moore
Darren Moore, aka Si Quinn, jewelry maker

Darren Moore AKA CC Quinn, the jewelery maker of BlingBlingBling UK, has died. Let’s see how Darren Moore died and the cause of his death in detail.

How did Darren Moore die?

Darren Moore was reported missing yesterday by his close friends and family. Diane Morgan posted about missing Darren Moores saying:

“Has anyone seen Darren Moore missing since 5am this morning last seen leaving a pulse after his show… Please please if you know where he has gone or where he is or who he is with please notify us urgently. The police have also been notified…”

Another post read: “Darren was last seen in Cardiff at around 5am and has not been seen since. His phone is off and the location to find his phone is.

Friends he dated said he simply left on his own and had not been seen since. His partner is absolutely beside himself. He has been reported missing to Cardiff Police.

Please if anyone has seen him or thinks they may have seen him please contact you. He wore the outfit pictured below. This is not like Darren at all and his family are extremely concerned for his safety.”

But today Morgan was confirmed dead by his close friends.

Darren Moore’s Cause of Death:

The circumstances surrounding the cause of Darren Moore’s death are still unknown. Darren Moore was gay.

Benidorm.Clee reported his death. The statement reads,

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“REST IN PEACE Unfortunately you were discovered in Drag last night. He unfortunately died in Cardiff! Attacked #Gay Violence This is terrible! This should never have happened! Dear sweet Darren Moore, the heavens have gained an angel! We’ll miss you.”

Nico Fitz posted this sad news saying:

Well, I can’t believe what news I woke up to this morning! Last night I shared a post about your disappearance thinking “No, he probably went to an after party or something, recovering from a crazy hangover, he’ll text someone and go home soon”……

It just doesn’t look real! Can’t believe you’re gone Darren Moore You were one of the first queens I met when I first showed my face around a WoW bar in Cardiff 10 years ago! You immediately fell in love with my voice and never left me alone after that!! ha ha The Cardiff Gay scene definitely won’t be the same without you, those iconic plastic Tiddies and that loud, witty voice! You will be missed by so many! RIP beaut, absolutely gutted.

Tribute to Darren Moore:

Shay Northcott posted,

Absolutely devastated to hear you are no longer with us. One of my favorite people to serve always with a smile and always with a throwaway joke.
You were my first exposure to the world of drag as a child and I will always appreciate how loving and kind you were to me and the other staff members at Pulse. Sending my love to Darren Moore and your family.

Lewis John Ellis published,

I am shocked to wake up and see that Darren Moore has unfortunately been taken far too soon.
My thoughts are with your amazing partner Darren Moore, your family, you are an amazing person and Manny will be missed.
Rest in peace and continue to live a glamorous life and party out there x

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Tom Barnett-Griffiths published,

I woke up to devastating news. .. Heartbreak! Cardiff have lost another legend. Little Darren.
Words cannot express how Lee and I feel right now. You were always full of energy, love, a heart of gold and a loving friend and husband.
Sympathy and love go out to his family.

Imelda Tralala Diaz published,

Darren Moore, so young…so great. my love and condolences go out to his family and friends. You will be missed… you will be remembered.

Daniel Robert Owen published,

I am so heartbroken that Darren has been taken by the angels. Life is not fair you where everything and more.. Your laugh, your smile like it would just light up a room. Always a great friend. I love you.


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