“Did Lisa Marie Presley Show Her Support for Will Smith Before His Tragic Death?”

The recent death of Lisa Marie, daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley, has left the world in shock. As one of the most iconic singers and songwriters of our time, her passing has left a void in the hearts of many. Amidst the tragedy, the world was also surprised by her subtle show of support for Will Smith. At the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, the late singer-songwriter liked several tweets about the event, the last of which was about Smith. This was a clear indication of her support for the I Am Legend actor, who was involved in a controversial incident at the Oscars the previous year. While many celebrities have expressed their opinions on the matter, it was Lisa Marie’s subtle way of showing her support that has resonated with many. Meanwhile, the Golden Globe Awards also saw Austin Butler winning Best Actor for portraying her late father Elvis, with her mother in the audience. As the world continues to grapple with the loss of Lisa Marie, her support for Will Smith is a reminder of her kind and loving spirit.

Since the gates slammed shut, several celebrities have expressed their support or criticized Will Smith. Almost a year after the incident, the world still seems divided about what happened on Oscar night. However, it seems that of Elvis Presley daughter has let the world know where she stands on the matter.

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Recently, the world was shocked by the tragic news of the death of Lisa Maria. Marie was a very famous musician and her death left a hole in the hearts of many music lovers. The singer-songwriter has reportedly voiced her support for Will Smith shortly before his death.

Lisa Marie’s subtle way to show support for Will Smith

The recently held Golden Globe saw a star-studded audience with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the audience. Among them was the late Lisa Marie, who attended her last event before passing away at the age of 54 due to cardiac arrest. And apparently Marie showed her subtle support for Will Smith. After the event, the Lights Out hitmaker liked several tweets about Globes 2023. And interestingly, the last tweet the singer reacted to was about Will Smith, according to The News.

The last tweet Marie liked a Daily Mail post about Smith with the caption: “Will Smith in good spirits after Eddie Murphy jokes about scandalous Oscar slap at Golden Globes. Marie was in the audience during Eddie Murphy’s acceptance speech. Murphy’s speech went viral after the actor hilariously poked fun at Will Smith during the event.

Meanwhile, among the many awards that were part of the event, Lisa Marie was lucky enough to witness it Austin Butler won Best Actor for playing her late father with her mother. Butler played Elvis Presley in the popular 2022 film Elvis, an adaptation of the legendary singer’s life.

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How did the ‘I Am Legend’ actor react to Eddie Murphy’s speech at the Globes?

To Eddie Murphy acceptance speech at the Globes infuriated fans. Various memes and tweets flooded Twitter after the actor’s performance. As many of us know, Smith and Murphy are very old friends. Meanwhile, it looks like it’s all love between the two stars as the Men in Black actor is in good spirits following Murphy’s performance. In addition, the “Tower Heist” actor even told Entertainment Tonight how much he still loves Smith even after Chris Rock’s slap.

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