Drifting Home Review: A Charming Adventure

Drifting Home Review: A Charming Adventure

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Seven children, an abandoned apartment building, an endless body of water and only one goal: to return home. This summer’s coming-of-age story is Drifting Home. Check out this review to see what it’s all about!

Drifting Home Overview

Drifting Home, a fantastic coming-of-age story, was created by Studio Colorido and produced by Twin Engine and Netflix. Burn The Witch, Colorido’s take on Bleach’s spiritual successor, and the hugely popular A Whisker Away are among the company’s Original Net Animations (ONAs). The film is directed by Hiroyasu Ishida and is titled Ame wo Tsugeru Hyouryuu Danchi in the original Japanese. The anime films Penguin Highway and Fastening Days were directed by Ishida.

Driving home

Driving home

Drifting Home Review – The Plot

Sonny Boy, who I’m surprised to bring up again, took first place in Leisurebyte’s selection of the best anime of 2021. The program was a surprise inclusion on many fans’ best anime lists, receiving nominations for the Anime of the Year and Director of the Year categories for the Crunchyroll Awards (for what it’s worth). It’s safe to assume that the show has won a lot of people despite not being a popular option, including this author. It’s just a great animation that deserves way more praise than it gets.

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Why bring up that episode now? Well, for starters, The Drifting Classroom, a horror manga, serves as a source of inspiration for both. The basic idea is the same: a group of children are stranded in an infinite abyss from which they cannot escape. Due to one of the children’s emotional outbursts and their need to go through their mental obstacles to get out of that situation, both incidents are triggered. Both stories are essentially coming-of-age stories and show these young people how to accept change.

So the crucial question is: is Drifting Home a good movie? Most sure it is. While it has some shortcomings that we’ll mention in a moment, overall it was a very satisfying experience to go through. The film had a clear vision that it held throughout its duration and conveyed a very thorough and satisfying story. The author worked hard to make his vision as consistent and linear as possible, as he had a clear idea of ​​what he wanted to see on screen from the start.

The film put a lot of emphasis on subjects and kept the many themes it chose for its characters. Some of the issues our main characters struggled with throughout the story were growth and learning to accept change. They lose a very important person to them, which damages their relationship with each other. The way the film showed you acting towards someone you think you’ve wronged but don’t have the will to do anything about was incredibly accurate. While I’m really glad it happened, I didn’t expect a show with kids as main characters to go so deep into the human psyche.

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Despite being spoken in a different language than the one most of us use, in this case the conversation felt like it was being spoken naturally by the characters. The conversation was straight forward, which may have contributed to the fact that they were all children, as well as aided in the immersion in the film. It also helped that the kids were able to have a poignant conversation without coming across as annoyingly cheesy. While not as much as you’d expect, there was definitely some itch.

The other key element of Drifting Home was loss of attachment or detachment caused by grief. Grief is difficult for grown-ups, but we are talking about children here. A wonderful analogy of what life is like for one who grieves was Natsume’s attachment to the apartment building, the only thing that still roots her. It worked very well as an animated figure who could react and respond to the children’s pain with empathy that the show established a full character on Noppo as an embodiment of attachment and grief. For what it was, this movie was pretty advanced.

Not everything in Drifting Home is sunshine and flowers though, as there were quite a few issues with it. The pace of the movie was the most obvious issue, as it just went on much longer than it needed to. Some scenes took longer than they should, characters didn’t get enough time to grow, and entire scenes should have been left out in the final cut. This issue also affected the conclusion. While it was majestic, emotionally appropriate, and thematically appropriate, it took much longer than it needed to. The experience was largely excellent despite that.

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Drifting Home Review – Animation and Music