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Eddie Murphy has been a Hollywood star for four decades and has several classic films. When it comes to when Murphy really “arrived” in Hollywood as an artist, you can point to several time periods. Some viewers would say that his amazing performance on Saturday Night Live was crucial to his career, while other fans would say that his standout performance on 1982’s “48 Hours.” Although monumental, Murphy didn’t feel as if he entered the fun much later. The comedy legend revealed that the classic stage helped him realize he had “arrived” in showbiz.

The Oscar-nominated actor’s rise to stardom has been atypical, as viewers have watched him go from starring in a weekly TV series to headlining box office hits. Although, if you ask the actor, Eddie Murphy didn’t have his “make it” moment until he filmed the 1996 cult classic The Nutty Professor, which could come back with or without Murphy. The SNL alum told CinemaBlend about a classic comedy scene that made him feel like a true Hollywood superstar:

The mad professor when I was all at the table. I’m like, “Hey, listen, I’m everyone at this table. I have arrived, I have arrived. am i done I’ve arrived

It’s amazing to hear that the Klump family dinner was when Eddie Murphy felt he had arrived. The box-office star did a similar job in another classic, “Journey to America,” but played multiple characters alongside co-star Arsenio Hall. The Mad Professor was the first time he fought multiple characters alone in the same movie. The audience loved watching the family scene, and Murphy was definitely at his best. This scene is one of the most quoted by his fans who still recite the lines. His rendition of Clumps was so popular that it spawned a sequel, subtitled with the titular offspring.

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Eddie Murphy enjoyed playing multiple characters, but in recent years has also found success in ensemble productions. Murphy’s latest comedy You People (available via Netflix subscription starting January 27) does just that. Playing alongside other comedians like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jonah Hill was the Hollywood actor’s dream and he spoke highly of his colleagues on the set:

This cast was an amazing group of people, actors and actresses who were a joy to work with. A bunch of super talented people gathered at the table.

In addition to comedy titans like Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the cast of the Netflix comedy is rounded out by David Duchovny, Nia Long and Lauren London. This film is another production that Murphy can call an entertaining experience and another proof of his dominance in the film industry. I think we can all agree that Murphy really nailed that, and The Mad Professor will probably always be special to the actor because he gave it that feel.

You People, one of the biggest new movies of 2023, is currently in limited theaters ahead of its Netflix debut. Before you watch a cult comedy, find out why The Nutty Professor is considered one of Eddie Murphy’s best movies by watching it on Netflix. And stay tuned for news on Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop 4 (which will also be on the strip) and Amazon’s holiday movie Candy Cane Lane.

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