“Erik Ten Haag Uncovers the Secret Behind the Team’s Remarkable Comeback Before the Derby”

Introduction: Manchester United manager Erik ten Haag has identified squad cohesion as the key factor in the club’s success on the field. This was evident in their nine-game winning streak culminating in their Charlton League Cup victory. As the Red Devils prepare to face cross-town rivals Manchester City on Saturday, Ten Hag has outlined the importance of having the right team spirit, cooperation and mentality in order to emerge victorious. He believes that his players have the capability to compete with any team in the world, but they must remain focused and work together to achieve their goals. With the right attitude and collective effort, United can prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

Manchester United manager Erik ten Haag called squad cohesion the main factor influencing the club’s fortunes on the pitch.

Since then, United have won nine in a row Charlton League Cup victory yesterday.

United overcame their League One rivals to reach the semi-finals of the competition.

The Red Devils will face a bigger test on Saturday as they take on cross-town neighbors Manchester City at Old Trafford.

The Ten Hag will be looking to beat Pep Guardiola after the first leg at the Etihad ended in a 6-3 defeat.

talkSPORT asked the United boss how he turned Old Trafford into an impregnable fortress.

Ten Hag replied, “That’s according to standards. Every day, living to high standards.” In an apparently veiled criticism of the departed Cristiano Ronaldo, he added: “This is a team that builds a team. No one can be bigger than the team; everyone has to contribute to the team.”

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“We are not talking about 11 players, but about the whole team. It’s a team around a team. All staff – medical staff, executive staff, coaches, analysts.

“Everyone has one goal and they contribute to it and work hard for it together. If we keep going like this, we can achieve a lot.”

Reflecting ahead of Saturday’s game with City, Ten Hag said his side could compete with any team in the world, including Pep Guardiola’s side.

He admitted that his players have to be perfect or they risk getting injured again.

Ten Hag said that United The stars have what it takes to defeat their noisy neighbors, but first they must have the right cooperation, winning attitude and mentality.