Explaining the Cause of Death of Veteran Journalist Chris Rose

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How did Chris Rose die?  The cause of death of a veteran journalist has been explained

Chris Rose, veteran journalist and former anchor of New Center Maine, has died. Let’s see what happened to him and the cause of death of Chris Rose in detail.

What happened to Chris Rose?

Respected Maine journalist Chris Rose has died. We share the sad news of the passing of well-known Maine journalist Chris Rose, who died Wednesday of a heart attack.

Before joining NEWS CENTER Maine, where he shared his talents for more than 30 years, Chris began his television news career in Worcester, Massachusetts, working as a writer and producer at WBZ-TV in Boston.

Chris Rose’s cause of death

Rose worked for News Center Maine (WCSH-TV) for more than three decades before most recently working in public relations at the University of New England.

According to the Portland television station where he worked for more than three decades, respected broadcast journalist Chris Rose died Wednesday after heart attack. Rose’s death was announced by News Center Maine in a blog post Thursday afternoon.

We are thinking of Chris’ children, Duffy and Miranda, whom she left behind when she died aged 63. “Our sincere condolences to the family”

Chris Rose: Who was he?

He started working for WCSH in 1986 as a news producer before deciding to pursue his destiny and start working in front of the camera. We all benefited from his decision.

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When announcing Chris’s resignation from NEWS CENTER Maine in 2018, Chris’ former colleague and longtime anchor Pat Callahan said, “No one has been more reliable.”

You can always count on him to meet deadlines, write accurate, compelling and comprehensive stories, and never use unnecessary words. He probably used his producer training there.

The Maine Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame inducted him in 2017 in recognition of his acclaimed reporting. In 2018, Callahan said, “For years, I believed that if we offered an MVP award to a NEWS CENTER reporter, Chris Rose would be in the running every year.”

Chris joined the University of New England after leaving NEWS CENTER Maine to work as a public relations specialist there. According to his faculty bio, Chris is “dedicated to presenting stories about the fantastic things happening at UNE”. “This includes brainstorming story ideas, talking to faculty, staff and students, and drafting press releases and articles.”

Chris gave equal attention to the more humorous incidents, such as when Robin Williams came to Maine to shoot a movie, as well as several important events that impacted our state and region, such as the sinking of the El Faro and the bombing of the Boston marathon. No matter how serious or humorous, intriguing or seemingly trivial, Chris gave his best in every story he covered.

Tribute to Chris Rose:

Sandra Tardo Long

So sorry to hear this what a great guy! He interviewed us when we owned the Lambs Mill Inn in Naples when a micro explosion blew out Lambs Mill Rd and knocked out power for several days wreaking havoc on the business with no food or refrigeration! Love this guy. Rest in peace!

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Lori Bobillo

He was so nice to us when he interviewed us in Florida when the ship disappeared. RIP Chris Rose.

Deanna Maniati

Prayers are sent up. I actually cleaned your OOB home for your wife Shannon Rose back in 2010 what a gorgeous wife and family you will miss….

Brenda Beale

So sad to read this. I always enjoyed watching him. My thoughts are with his daughter and family at this difficult time.

Lisa M. Girard

Oh, Chris Rose, former host of New Center Maine. So sad to hear of his unexpected passing yesterday! So sad for his children and their mother Sharon Rose and all who loved him. Live like you’re dying! You just never know


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