“Exploring a Sci-Fi Concept: Netflix’s American Remake of ‘Crash Landing On You’ “

The American adaptation of the beloved Korean romantic drama “Crash landing on you” is set to take on a sci-fi twist. With production in its final stages, the new series is sure to be a hit with fans of the original. The story follows the journey of South Korean heiress Yoon Serei, played by Song Ye Jin, who finds herself in an unexpected situation when she makes an emergency landing in the North Korean region of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. With the help of North Korean military captain Ri Jung Hyuk, played by Hyun Bin, she embarks on a journey to return to South Korea. As the two come from different worlds, they must overcome cultural differences and find a way to be together. With a thrilling plot, strong characters, and a unique setting, the American adaptation of “Crash landing on you” is sure to be an exciting and captivating watch.

The American remake of the popular Korean romantic series “Crash landing on you” from Netflix may have a sci-fi concept.

The potential concept was revealed in a New Yorker profile on Netflix head of World Television Bela Bajaria posted earlier this week. The story chronicles a conversation between Bajaria and the streaming service’s head of drama development Jinny Howe about the American remake of the popular Korean drama, which was first reported two years ago.

According to the New Yorker, Bajaria asked Howe about approaches to remake “Crash Landing on You,” since it’s a show “specifically for North and South Korea,” as she described it.

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“So I think we’ll see if we can make this separation a little more symbolic.” “We study science fiction,” Howe replied.

“Well, you need some peace, don’t you?” Bajaria answered. “Because it’s a culture clash between two people who aren’t right for each other, but made for each other.”

Crash landing on you” was first broadcast on tvN and Netflix in 2019 and 2020. The series tells the story of South Korean heiress Yoon Serei (played by Song Ye Jin), who makes an emergency landing in the North Korean region of the Korean Demilitarized Zone during a paragliding flight. . She begins a relationship with North Korean military captain Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin), who helps her return to South Korea. The series became tvN’s most popular drama and the fourth highest rated South Korean TV drama in television history.

News that “Crash landing on you” may get an American remake, first appeared in 2021. During a press conference organized by CJ ENM, Kang Chul-koo, CEO of production company Studio Dragon, announced in November of that year that the American remake of the drama is in the “final stages of planning and development.” Since then, there have been no official updates on the proposed remake.

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