“Exploring the Depths of Pain in ‘Our Blooming Youth’: A Look at Park Hyung-shik’s Cold Prince Character

Introduction to tvN’s romantic drama “Our Blooming Youth”, starring Park Hyung-shik and Jeon So-nee, is set to captivate viewers this February. The story follows Lee Hwan, a brash yet gifted prince with a mysterious curse, and Min Jae-yi, a falsely accused woman with the power to remove his curse. As Lee Hwan strives to prove himself worthy of leading his country, he must also battle the ghostly book containing all the curses of the world. Recently released footage shows Lee Hwan going about his daily life, reading and training to become a true leader. Viewers can look forward to seeing Park Hyung-shik’s detailed description of Lee Hwan’s character, as he struggles to keep his deep wound hidden beneath his cold exterior. With its gripping storyline and talented cast, “Our Blooming Youth” is sure to be an exciting journey for viewers.

tvN’s new romantic drama “Our blooming youth” unveiled stunning new stills of Park Hyung-shik so viewers can look forward to seeing him in the lead role in February!

“Our Blooming Youth” will tell the love story of Lee Hwan, the crown prince suffering from a mysterious curse, and Min Jae Yi, a brilliant woman falsely accused of murdering her family. Park Hyung-sik will play Lee Hwan, a prince who must clear Min Jae-yi’s name, and Jeon So-nee will play Min Jae-yi, a gifted woman who will remove the curse from Lee Hwan.

Lee Hwan is a young prince with a brash and arrogant personality. He is gifted in martial arts and can remember things after seeing them just once, but a ghostly book containing all the curses of the world is out to get him. He must overcome his curse to prove to the court that he is capable and worthy of leading the country and is determined to deal with the problems looming over his head.

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Recently released footage shows Li Huang going about his daily life, reading day and night to become a true mind who can lead his people, as well as improving his fighting skills by participating in activities such as archery. However, one particular shot shows him writhing in pain and viewers can only guess what the curse is and if he can actually handle it.

The producers of “Our Blooming Youth” commented, “Thanks to this project, you will be able to see the various charms of Park Hyung-shik that you will not find anywhere else. Please pay attention to his detailed description of the story of Lee Hwan, who has a deep wound hidden beneath his cold exterior.”

The premiere of “Our Blooming Youth” will be held on February 6th at 8:50 PM KST. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.