Fans join Phineas O’Connell as he trolls ‘proud’ sister Billie Eilish for reading book ⋆ Somag News

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Billie Eilish trying to be a bookworm, perhaps without much success. However, the 21-year-old is very successful in her musical talents. From a young age, she received several awards, including several Grammys, and became the youngest headliner at Glastonbury. Although several of her songs have already built a huge fan base, she replaced Ed Sheeran to sing the James Bond theme song, No Time to Die.

The singer is known not only for her angelic voice, but also for the deep meaning of her songs. Both she and her brother Phineas Eilish often write lyrics together. But the older brother recently took to social media to troll his younger sister because she was reading a book.

Fans tell how Phineas O’Connell trolled Billie Eilish for not reading book

For Billie Eilish, a thought is important. Her musical partner and older brother Phineas Eilish recently quoted his sister on Twitter: “I actually thought about reading the book yesterday!” and wrote his name at the end. Twitteratis couldn’t help but touch on Eilish’s situation. @CrankGameplays, a fellow musician, commented that he also has a book and hopes to read it. While others talked about how they usually buy books only to leave them untouched and unopened.

One commenter posted a video of Eilish laughing out loud with another man who was probably her brother. Most fans started recommending her books. It includes everything from Evelyn Hugo’s The Seven Husbands to an Emily Dickinson poem. One fan even suggested she read her own autobiography called Billy Ailish.

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The book was released on May 11, 2021 and describes both the singer’s personal and professional journey. Although it is not known whether she wrote it herself or hired a ghostwriter, as celebrities often do. O’Connell brother made sure she knew he posted her quote on Twitter as they laughed as he posted it.

She may not be the biggest bookworm, but the artist tried her best and so did her followers. The Happier Than ver singer recently appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, sharing her thoughts on the planet, justice and more.

Can you tell us about her struggle with reading? Comment your thoughts.