15 years old Teenage Boy Farjan Idham Killed and Ripped by Crocodile, Check out the Viral Video and Latest News

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Farjan Idham Death News: Crocodile Attacked Teenager and Dies: Recently, we discovered a piece of shocking news through our online sources on the internet. A teenage boy named Farjan Idham was brutally killed by the attack of a Crocodile. According to the reports, the crocodile ripped his head off from his body while attacking him. It was such a horrible incident that happened at Lake Toiler in Ternate City, Indonesia. Since then various news channels and media have been circulating the news all over the internet. It is also speculated that there is a video of the incident has gone viral on the internet. Get the further news and details in the next section.

Farjan Idham

What happened to Farjan Idham?

The State Police identified the victim as a young teenager named Farjan Idham who was just 15 years old. According to the officials, Farjan went on the fishing trip along with his friends at Lake Toiler which is situated in Ternate city. Both were enjoying fishing at Lake then suddenly the deadliest crocodile attacked Farjan. As per the reports, the crocodile first attacked his head and then ripped his entire body at the edge of the lake. The Police arrived at the scene upon a call from Farjan’s parents when he was not responding to them.

Farjan Idham

Farjan Idham Death Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Farhan’s parents got into a deep shock after hearing about the demise of their son. We can’t imagine how brutally he was killed. The Police took the statement from Farjan’s friend who had witnessed the incident. He stated that he tried to save his friend. The crocodile got aggressive after attacking his friends. At that time, his friend died. The only thing left was his ripped body at the edge of the Lake.

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You can spot the news on the trending page of the Twitter and internet web. As per the sources, someone shared the video of the incident on the internet. Since then people have been looking for the video of the incident. However, we haven’t got any video on the online platform. As we get any official updates, we will let you updated through our website Bulletin Zone.