Former Manchester United title winner unlikely to win TV show ⋆ Somag News

Manchester United the players are always in the spotlight.

Even in retirement, from Gary Neville to David Beckham, United’s old boys have often been in the news for a variety of reasons, and another former Red Devil recently joined his seasoned colleagues in an incredible victory in an even more incredible event.

Masterchef Sweden came to an end this week and it came down to a fierce battle between two evenly matched rivals, but former Manchester United winger Jesper Blomqvist emerged victorious, beating TV presenter Carl Fredrik Gustafsson.

Blomqvist played a vital role in United winning the Treble in the 1999/00 season, an achievement unmatched by any other club in England.

This victory over titanic, which ended at the Camp Nou against the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, a match in which the culinary virtuoso had already begun, was the culmination of Blomqvist’s football career, the one in which he would see the famous colors. Milan and Parma too.

With United trailing, he was replaced by Teddy Sheringham in the 67th minute, a turning point in the game.

Sheringham equalized and assisted Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s winner, both goals coming in added time.

Now Blomkvist, the proud owner of his own pizzeria in Stockholm, has spoken out about receiving the coveted culinary award.

Former member of Swedish the national team wrote on his profile on the social network: “What a great opponent I had across the kitchen table in @karlFred/tag/fred/” target=”_blank” title=”” > [TV host Carl Fredrik Gustafsson] and what a thrilling finish it was.

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“Despite the fact that I knew the score, I was sweating all over while watching iFred TV. Incredibly happy, grateful and humbled to win, know that you, Carl-Fredrik, can win too, it was an incredibly tough and close finish.

“The whole production was surprisingly funny, educational, but at the same time difficult. It helps then to have such wonderful contestants, judges and the rest of the recording team to support, pepper and stimulate, thank you all for a wonderful adventure.”

Football players often say that their life in the sport is constantly shortened and that after retirement it is difficult for them to adapt to a new career.

Blomqvist’s success in his new field is a great example to all soccer players that there really is life after the game.

The 94-year-old bronze medalist from World Cup achieved tremendous success in his newfound career in a short time, which testifies to his will and dedication.

A touching story for the ages.