“Former Model Gets Prison for Killing California Doctor: Who is Kelsey Nicole Turner?”

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Who is Kelsey Nicole Turner?  Former model gets prison for killing California doctor

Former model Kelsey Nicole Turner has been sentenced to prison for killing a California doctor in Las Vegas. Former men’s magazine model Kelsey Nicole Turner was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison Tuesday in Nevada for the 2019 murder of a California doctor whose beaten body was found in the trunk of her abandoned car outside Las Vegas. Learn more about Who Kelsey is Nicole Turner and why she killed the doctor in detail.

Who is Kelsey Nicole Turner?

American fashion model Kelsey Nicole Turner, known as Badd Barbie, was born on May 5, 1993. She has been featured in publications such as OneTen, Maxim and Playboy Italy.

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Turner grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was born on May 5, 1993, in Norfolk, Virginia. She completed her education at Arkansas State University. She later began working as a lingerie and swimwear model in the fashion industry. She also lived in Salinas, California and Las Vegas, Nevada when she was a model.

Turner’s modeling career

Turner began her career as a lingerie and swimwear model, appearing in Maxim, Playboy, Players Magazine, Fire and Ice, Modelmania and OneTen. She has also been featured on the covers of OneTen, Conceited and Dream Vixens.

Turner is also well known for her film roles, including Wally, Lost in 2018 and The Promise in 2011. In 2021, Turner co-founded the clothing business Badd Barbie with a partner.

Turner also experienced domestic violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. In her late teens, she moved to California. Before moving to Nevada, she had two children and lived in the big city of Salinas.

Turner married Taylor Holmes in 2010 and they separated in 2013. Later in 2014, she married Joe Turner, whom she later divorced.

Turner goes to jail in Vegas for killing a doctor in California

To avoid a trial, Kelsey Nicole Turner, 29, accepted an agreement known as an Alford plea in November. In the Salinas, California, slaying, 71-year-old doctor Thomas Kirk Burchard conceded that prosecutors could establish second-degree murder.

She recognized that second-degree murder in the death of 71-year-old psychiatrist Thomas Kirk Burchard of Salinas, Calif., could be established by the prosecution.

Turner, a former Maxim magazine and Playboy Italia model, remained silent in court. Her sentence came after her ex-boyfriend, John Logan Kennison, 29, was sentenced to 18 to 45 years in prison in July. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and second-degree murder.

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What happened to the CA doctor?

Turner allegedly had an “intimate relationship” with Burchard, according to police and prosecutors, and Burchard was responsible for paying the rent on the Las Vegas property where Turner and Kennison lived with Diana Nicole Pena.

When Burchard disappeared, his longtime friend from Salinas, Judy Earp, reported him missing. According to police, Turner, Kennison and Pena appeared to have quickly left the house after Burchard was dead.

The Clark County Medical Examiner found that Burhardt was killed by a blow to the head with an unknown tool, leaving what police described as a distinctive pattern.

What leads do the police have on the investigation?

Additionally, police said they found a door that had been broken in half, blood, cleaning products and items with Kennison’s name on them in the bedroom, as well as what appeared to be blood, footprints and additional cleaning supplies in a garage.

According to investigators, blue and white bath towels found at the residence matched a towel found with Burhardt’s body in Turner’s blue Mercedes-Benz coupe.

Police say a baseball bat and that of Pena and Kennison fingerprints were found in the vehicle. The Las Vegas Review-Journal said Earp alleged that Turner “lured” Burchard to Las Vegas in 2019 by claiming she was sick and could not afford to care for her child. In court Tuesday, Earp accused Turner of forging Burchard’s signature and taking money from him.

In March 2019, according to police and prosecutors, Turner, Kennison and Pena killed Burchard and dumped his body in the trunk of Turner’s car. Between Las Vegas and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the car was found abandoned on a country road. Peña, now 34, a former bartender at a Las Vegas Strip hotel, pleaded guilty to accessory to murder in June 2019.

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After Burchard was killed, she claimed she helped clean up the crime scene before leaving Las Vegas with Kennison and Turner. Turner was later taken into custody in Salinas, while Kennison was taken into custody in Las Vegas.

Ashley Sisolak, Turner’s public defender, reportedly told Clark County Circuit Court Judge Carly Kearney that she and Turner felt the plea agreement was the best way to end the matter.


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