Gena Tew, Instagram Model Opens That AIDS Caused Her To Lose, Find Out Wiki Bio, Photos, & Latest Details

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For a few days, we have been noticing a common search result from people on social media. Everyone is surfing about the death of Gena Tew. If you are not aware of her current situation, let us tell you that she has been having treatment for AIDS. She revealed her disease on social media. Since then people have been speculating whether she is dead or alive.  Gena is a popular social media star and fashion model who has been going through one of her difficult times. Right now she is fighting for her life with the deadly disease. Check the fact of the rumors down below.

Gena Tew, Instagram Model Opens That AIDS Caused Her To Lose, Find Out Wiki Bio, Photos, & Latest Details

Who Is Gena Tew? Does she have AIDS?

Gena Tew is a modern-age social media star and an influencer. She was born in the United States of America. Her current may be around 29 years old. Sadly, at an early age, she causes AIDS. Gena is a talented personality who has also launched her music videos. In almost every field of entertainment, she has given her part. For that reason, she holds a large number of followers and supporters on her social media. However, her fans got stunned after learning that she has been suffering from AIDS. Although, we recently found a picture and video of her in which she was having treatment at the hospital.

IG Model Gena Tew Reveals Her Disease Of AIDS

If you are one of those viewers, you have been wandering to know whether she is dead or alive. According to the officials, she is currently alive and fighting for her life. People including her fans have been encouraging her to fight the disease.

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As per the medical reports, she has been having the symptoms of the disease for 10 years old. Yes, it is true. At that time, the symptoms were not harming her. But for a few weeks, she has been feeling tired and sick. For that reason, she had to admit to the hospital where it was found that she had AIDS.

Bulletin Zone is hoping that she would soon recover from the disease, and start a happy life.