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First and foremost, there are two cases (PLAB 1 and PLAB 2) where students want to move to the UK.

As stated earlier, you do not need to move to the UK to attend PLAB 1. You can of course write it in your own country.

However, if you want to take part in PLAB 2, you have to travel to Manchester because that’s the only place it’s taking place. With this introduction, I will guide you through the rest of the PLAB Visa application process.

What type of visa will you be applying for?

You will need to apply for a basic tourist visa.

Where do I apply for a visa?

VFS GLOBAL is the only place where you can apply for your tourist visa.

What is the cost of a UK tourist visa?

It is currently somewhere between $135 (Rs. 10,046).

When to apply for a visa?

Roughly, we would recommend applying for a visa 3 months before PLAB 1 or 2.

What would be the duration of the tourist (PLAB) visa?

Usual visa with a duration of 6 months.

What is the step-by-step procedure for applying for a visa?

  • Complete the online visa application on the VFS GLOBAL website.
  • Pay your application fee, which is currently $135.
  • Upload all your supporting Visa documents.
  • You will then attend a Visa appointment.
  • You will then provide your biometrics.
  • Time to wait for confirmation.
  • And finally your visa arrives.

What supporting documents are required?

  • Proof of identity
    1. Passport with at least the next 6 months validity (preferred)
    2. Aadhaar Card (if you are from India)
  • Proof of address – any document with your name and address.
  • Proof of sponsorship
    1. Your bank statement for the last 6 months
    2. Bank statement of your sponsor for the last 6 months (Sponsors can also be your parents)
    3. Letter from the sponsor
    4. Proof of identity of the sponsor
    5. Copies of the sponsor’s income tax return for the last year.
  • Documents supporting the purpose of your visit
    1. PLAB exam confirmation
    2. Booking accommodation in the UK
    3. Round-trip plane tickets.
  • Additional documents to support you
    1. Undergraduate Medical Qualification Certificate (MBBS Certificate in case of India)
    2. Medical license to practice in your country
    3. IELTS certificate
    4. PLAB 1 results
  • A cover letter with your entire journey from the beginning to this point
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How do you get your visa?

You can also choose to send the Visa to your hometown or you can go and collect it from the VFS GLOBAL office.

How long will it take to get the visa?

More or less than 15 to 20 days.

What is the required bank balance?

It totally depends on you. You will need to calculate how much you will spend during your stay in the UK and you will need to have twice that amount in your bank.


You will be staying in the UK for a week and you think you will spend $200 in one day, that means $1400 in total for the whole week. Then you will need to show at least $2,800 in your bank account.