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British actor Julian Sands was reported missing after he went hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains on Friday, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office. Let’s see what happened to Julian Sands in detail.

What happened to Julian Sands?

The 65-year-old actor was reported missing in the Baldy Bowl area on Friday night. Local officials continued their search over the weekend.

Since a hiker went missing at 7 p.m. Friday, rescue crews have been searching for him at the popular Baldy Bowl hiking and skiing destination on Baldy Mountain, according to Sheriff’s Department spokesman Nathan Campos. On Wednesday afternoon, the lost hiker was named by officials.


The search area around Mount Baldy has been hampered by California’s harsh winter weather. According to Campos, rescue workers on the ground were “taken off the mountain on Saturday night for their safety” and the search was conducted “by drone and helicopter when the weather permitted”.

The signal read,

“Please note that the current conditions at Mount Baldy are unfavorable and extremely dangerous,”

“Due to the strong winds, the snow has turned into ice, making the trek extremely dangerous. Sheriff’s search and rescue efforts are often hampered by inclement weather along with dangerous avalanche conditions.

Authorities are warning people to avoid the area as there is a serious risk of avalanches. Rescue teams want to continue the search on the ground as soon as the weather improves, he said.

Campos said,

“It’s extremely dangerous and experienced hikers have a hard time crossing there.”

Following the dangerous weather in the area, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department advised hikers to “think twice and heed warnings.

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British actor Julian Sands has been identified as the hiker reported missing in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains. Sands was in the Baldy Bowl tourist area, which is 50 miles east of Los Angeles. He is well known for his roles in the films Warlock, Leaving Las Vegas and A Room With A View, as well as his television roles in Banshee, Smallville and 24.

Fox 11 reported that the team found a car. Believed to belong to Julian Sands.

Video credit: Fox 11 Los Angeles.

A spokesman for the department said,

“On Friday, January 13, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a hiker, identified as Julian Sands, 65, of North Hollywood, was reported missing in the area of ​​Baldy Bowl,”

“Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue teams responded and began a search. Due to avalanche risks and trail conditions, ground crews were withdrawn from the mountain on Saturday evening.”

Authorities are also searching for Bob Gregory, a Hawthorne, California hiker who went missing Monday in the San Gabriel Mountains, according to ABC News.

Who was Julian Sands?

Yorkshire-born Sands has spent decades building a varied career in the entertainment industry. He has played various roles in films and television shows, and he and his wife, writer Evgenia Tsitkovits, have lived in the Los Angeles area for many years. His offspring are three.

Sands discussed his obsession with mountain climbing in an interview he gave to the Guardian in 2018, as well as the value of continuing to seek out new experiences as he gets older. His best moments, he says, are “near a mountaintop on a glorious cold morning,” according to another interview he gave in 2020.

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In 2020, he stated that the only time he had previously been dangerously close to death was

“in the early 1990s, in the Andes, caught in a violent storm above 20,000 feet with three others. We were all in very bad shape. Some close to us died; we were lucky.”

Other missing reports in this mountain

The force said that in the previous four weeks its search and rescue teams had responded to 14 requests on Mt Baldy and the surrounding area.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department advised hikers to use caution when traveling in the area as winter weather on Baldy Mountain can create “hazardous conditions.”

In “extremely dangerous” circumstances, two hikers died on Mt Baldy within four weeks. Two people recently died while trying to climb the same mountain range, one of the most well-traveled hikes in Los Angeles.

Crystal “Dancing hiking queen” Paula Gonzalez, a mother of four, allegedly slipped and fell 700 feet into Baldy Bowl. Gonzalez was “down on a steep and snowy hill, surrounded by other helpful hikers helping in any way they could,” according to an incident report. A helicopter was immediately dispatched to the scene.

Jarrett Choi, 43, of Los Angeles, fell on Dec. 28 while hiking the Ice House Canyon Trail near the Ice House Saddle ridgeline. After a two-day search hampered by bad weather, he was found.

And on December 17, when travel was difficult due to icy conditions, four people had to be evacuated by helicopter from the mountain.

Fans and friends are praying for Julian Sands

Fans and friends are hoping for the best and praying for Sands as they send good cheer to the family. Hopefully it will bring some comfort until Sands is found.

You have the right to joke with me. Julian Sands (yes, the actor) has gone missing on Mount Baldy in California and has apparently been missing since the 13th. In the last 4 weeks they have carried out 14 rescue missions there and two people have died. They’ve already called off one Sands search due to bad weather.

Julian Sands can’t die of loss during a walk in bad weather! He is my hero and so naturally it insulates him from a similar fate. This guy is responsible for one of the only truly decent screen portrayals of a historical witch in the Warlock movie. This can’t be real.

– Robin.

I know since Friday that my friend Julian Sands has been missing on mt baldy. I am devastated. A very close family friend who was adventurous in everything he did. I said many prayers.

– Cassian Elwes.

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Julian Sands is missing. This is no joke about his career. Last Friday he went to Mount Baldy and disappeared. I was in love when he was in Gothic, and back in the day I really wanted him to play John Constantine. People are dying on Mt Baldy and I’m freaking out.

– Jodi Gemini.

Julian Sands has been lost for five days on Mount Baldy. We pray for his safe return. Please come back to us sir. We need your light.

– Mark Lawson.


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