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Daniel Hesketh, a missing man from York County, was found dead Thursday in Delaware, according to Pennsylvania State Police. Let’s see what happened to 38-year-old Daniel Hesketh in detail.

What happened to 38-year-old Daniel Hesketh?

Red Lion resident Daniel Hesketh, 38, was found dead in New Castle County, according to Delaware State Police (DSP).

York County resident Daniel Hesketh has been missing since the weekend, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Daniel Hesketh, 38, left his Red Lion residence at 10pm on Friday and was last seen in Coleraine town around midday on Saturday. Hesketh is known to remain in the Red Lion area, according to state police.

His alleged vehicle is a white 2008 Volkswagen Jetta with Pennsylvania license plate LFZ-8544. The car has dents on the driver’s side and a spare tire was used in place of one of the front ones.

Pennsylvania State Police asked the public for information about him last week.

Missing: Daniel Hesketh Found Dead:

Daniel Hesketh, 38, was found dead in New Castle County, Delaware, by Delaware State Police, according to authorities. Officials said the medical examiner, DSP and PSP worked together to confirm his identity.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. on January 13, according to state police, Hesketh left his residence in Red Lion. He was last seen in Colerain Township on Jan. 14 around noon. It is still unclear why he went to Delaware.

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State police said they are still investigating the circumstances and cause of death.

State police said

“The Pennsylvania State Police appreciates the public’s efforts, concern and assistance in this investigation.”

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Daniel Hesketh’s death, which are still unclear. The news has obviously devastated the family and friends of Daniel Hesketh and the public is horrified by the tragic loss.


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