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Flipset Fred
New Orleans rapper and producer Flipset Fred

Popular DJ and rapper Flipset Fred died on January 16, 2023, and his family and fans are mourning his passing. Let’s see in detail how the artist died and the reason behind Flipset Fred’s death.

How did Flipset Fred die?

The musician from New Orleans, Louisiana reportedly died in his sleep. The Priestley Charter High School graduate was pronounced dead after failing to wake up in the middle of the night Monday.

Rumors that the adored rapper died in a gun accident have been revealed to be false after a close friend revealed that Flipset Fred died peacefully.

“Man I just got the news I can’t put into words how I feel but FlipSet Fred just wasn’t one of the most talented DJs and producers but when I met him publicly on the ground I remember when I started in the industry as Cameraman I shot him looking at him I said Jshine you will go so far and this is just the beginning of your career. Now look now I do so much all because of your words RIP FlipSet Fred u Truly will be Miss.” jshinephotos_nola504 wrote.

Flipset Fred cause of death:

Fred, a nationally known DJ, music producer and rapper passed away in his sleep on January 16th. Flipset Fred’s cause of death has not yet been released.

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As of press time, no official cause of death has been released by family or authorities. It was not certain that a drug overdose was the cause of death.

Fred has worked as a DJ, rapper and producer for FMG, also known as Flipset Music Group. FMG, often referred to as Flipset Music Group, is a bounce music label based in the capital of bounce music.

Fred is a nationally known DJ, music producer and rapper. He has helped the success of musicians including Big Freedia, Jo Jackson and Baby Erin.

Malcolm Garland offered heartfelt condolences saying,

REST IN PEACE Flipset Fred me and my brother had the opportunity to work with you. Much love and prayers to your family and loved ones Fam, you will be missed.

Who was Flipset Fred?

Flipset Fred was a rapper, producer and DJ born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fredrick Palmer aka Flipset Fred has worked with a wide range of artists including Big Freedia, Joe Jackson, Baby Erin, Magnolia Shorty and more.

Together with Eno Robert, the producer runs the label Flipset Music Group, which specializes in the release of bounce music. He received his Secondary Education Diploma from Priestly Charter.

His last performance was on MLK weekend on Sunday January 15th with S-8ighty, Roca-B and Flystar.

Palmer is survived by his three daughters, Fendi, Faith and Faizo, as well as Drekka, Faizo’s mother, who works as a makeup artist and model on Instagram.

Condolences to FlipSet Fred:

Chiante Joli Seaberry published,

Rest in Peace Flipset Fred praying for your family and children Shay T Palmer Timmy Palmer sad day in town.

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Jasmine Edwards published,

A friendship of more than 15 years… I told you my plan and you keep me safe! You were the second guest on my show! RIP Every time I watch this episode I LMAO you couldn’t take me seriously when I first started

Gracie Gracie Gracie posted,

Hey! Such unexpected news.. Take it easy Cousin Fred. Your bounce music will keep your native cousins ​​Repp’n for life! tweeted,

A New Orleans bounce-back legend has died. Sending love to his family and the community at large. This is difficult..

Sweet Pussy Praline tweeted,

Rest in peace Frederic Palmer he hated it when I called him by his name he would be so mad but to hear you have passed is extremely sad we really have all come around since Chatroom so sad #FlipsetFred Even recorded my first bounce song with you

Just Kai tweeted,

my brother my brother My best friend. my supporter. 14 years and we’ve never missed a beat. this hurts me to the core! we had so much left to do but i know you will be here even more on this journey with me… more than a little. rest in heaven…forever my brother.


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