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Apple's new HomePod
Apple has launched a new HomePod2

Apple announced the brand new HomePod today. Let’s see more about Apple’s Home Pod in detail.

Apple’s Home Pod:

Apple launched its new Home Pod today. It comes with brand new features like:

  • Refined design
  • Midnight and white color
  • S7 chip
  • Room monitoring technology
  • Audio, with Dolby Atmos
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • 4 inch tweeter
  • Stereo pair capability

Overall impressions of the HomePod:

Apple’s new HomePod comes with a sophisticated design, Ultra-Wideband technology and room sensing technology.

It also has a custom-designed high-excursion tweeter, a built-in bass-EQ microphone, and five tweeters around the base.

Through sound recognition, HomePod can monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and, if detected, send a notification straight to the user’s iPhone.

A new integrated temperature and humidity sensor can measure the internal temperature.

Sound quality and volume options:

Apple’s new HomePod has Acoustic power station. A powerful acoustic experience is achieved by combining a specially designed high-excursion woofer, a powerful motor that drives the diaphragm with a stunning 20 mm, built-in bass-EQ microphoneand an array forming a beam of five tibiae around the base.

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To deliver even more advanced computational audio that utilizes the full potential of its speaker system for a game-changing listening experience, the S7 chip is integrated with software and system monitoring technology.

HomePod uses room-sensing technology to detect whether it’s next to a wall or free-standing by listening for sound reflections from nearby surfaces and then adjusting the volume instantly. It provides crystal clear vocals and rich instrumentation.

Ease of use and setup:

Users have easy access to HomePod as it offers simple setup. It constructs automation that closes the blinds or automatically turns on the fan when a certain temperature is reached in the room.

Due to the use of a new built-in temperature and humidity sensorwhich can measure the indoor environment.

In addition, ambient sounds have been reworked and are now clearer and more realistic.

Integration with other Apple devices and services:

As an essential home hub, HomePod connects and controls Widgets with a matter option and provides users with access while away from their homes.

When Matter launched last fall, smart home devices can now work across multiple ecosystems while maintaining the highest levels of security. Along with other business titans, Apple is a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which oversees the Matter standard.

Smart home and voice control capabilities:

Users can navigate, view and organize accessories with the redesigned Home app. It offers new categories for climate, lighting and security, enabling easy setup and smart home control with the multi-dimensional camera.

Customers can use Siri to control a single device, create scenes such as “Good Morning” that use multiple smart home accessories at the same time, or set up repeating automations such as “Hey Siri, open the blinds every morning at sunrise’.

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A new confirmation tone is indicated when Siri is requested to control an accessory that may not be visibly changed, such as a heater, or for devices located in a different room.

Price and value for money:

Online orders for the new HomePod can be placed starting today, and shipping will begin on February 3.

HomePod (2nd Gen) costs Rs. 32,900/- or $299 (US) and is available in White and Midnight colors.

Apple’s Home Pod is now available for purchase at and in the Apple Store app in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US, as well as 11 other nations and territories in stock from Friday.

Comparison with similar products on the market:

Some of the products that are similar to Apple’s Home Pod are as follows:

  • Sonos One 2nd Generation – Editors’ Choice.
  • Amazon Echo Studio – The best for Alexa.
  • Google Nest Audio – the best for Google Assistant.
  • Sonos Move – a battery-powered smart speaker.
  • Libratone Zipp 2 – The best portable speaker with AirPlay 2.
  • Bose Home Speaker 500 – Best stereo sound.

Final thoughts and recommendation to buy or not:

Apple’s Home Pod comes with a smart speaker. It provides fantastic sound quality. Although the number of integrated music sources is quite limited, it’s still a great buy and Siri is the clear winner when it comes to smart home assistants. However, it’s only worth buying if you have an iPhone and subscribe to Apple Music.


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