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Miles McGlashan
Miles McGlashan, 19, victim of gun violence

A 19-year-old man who was shot by his Uber driver died Thursday after fighting for his life for more than two months. Let’s see how Miles McGlashan died in detail.

Tragic death – Myles McGlasson has died:

Miles McGlashan, a 19-year-old who was shot by his Uber driver in Hollywood last year, has died from his wounds.

McGlasson was fired Nov. 9 after an altercation with the Uber driver, according to police.

David Qubilun, the family’s lawyer, said “a mother should let her son die.”
“I can’t think of anything more horrible as a parent.”

Kubiliun added that they are also angry that the Uber driver has not yet been arrested, which has made the situation worse.

“It is extremely disturbing that he has not been held accountable for his actions,” the lawyer said.

What happened?

The shooting happened outside a building near TY Park in Hollywood. The fight started when Miles asked to be dropped off somewhere else nearby. According to Miles’ mother, the Uber driver got out of the vehicle after Miles.

Then he was shot in the chest by an Uber driver

Miles McGlashan spent 71 days in hospital fighting for his life while connected to various medical machines.

Hollywood police said the Barry University student died from his injuries. According to Hollywood police spokeswoman Deanna Bettineski, “an autopsy will be performed in the next few days.”

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“Homicide detectives will take all the information they gather on this case and present it to the State Attorney’s Office.”

In November, police say McGlashan and the Uber driver got into an argument, after which the driver shot him, hitting the student in the chest.

Who is the Uber driver?

The Uber driver who is a suspect in the Miles case has not yet been identified by police or charged. His mother, April, said in early December that Miles had never been in a fight or been in trouble with the law.

The circumstances surrounding his death made no sense to her. April and his grandmother would visit Miles every day as the doctor tried to save the young man’s life. “I mourn who he was,” she said at the time. “His innocence is gone.”

The fundraiser also raised money for his treatment, sharing MILES with millions of smiles. He underwent surgery after a catastrophic injury.


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