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Tiktok star Megan Marjanski has died after a long battle with cancer

Tiktok star, Instagram influencer and cancer survivor Megan Marjanski has died after a long battle with cancer. Learn more about her death and detail Megan Marjanski’s journey with cancer.

What happened to Megan Marjanski?

Young woman Megan Maryanski has passed away after a long battle with cancer. A statement confirms the news of her death, the release said,

Lost for words tbh! I saw some posts that Megan passed away! I only met her once and she was so nice and always loved her body! She inspired many people! Take it easy!

Wow, that’s bad news this morning. Rest in peace, Megan Maryansky. Lord knows you have inspired and influenced many and will be missed by all.

Who was Megan Maryansky?

Megan Marjanski’s Cancer Journey: Explained

Meghan’s boyfriend is fundraising for his friend

Justine Meinert My name is Justine Meinert and this is my girlfriend’s story; Megan Maryansky. In January 2018, Megan was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Being 19 years old, Megan can’t get a Make a Wish, but I want to grant her her biggest wish. Megan is always willing to help other people and I want to help to say thank you.

Megan Maryanski with her boyfriend Megan Marjanski with her boyfriend Justin Meinert (Credit-FaceBook)

Megan’s passion for cars

Megan and I have a passion for cars. This is why we met at a local car show in Atlanta called Caffeine and Octane. She has always had a burning passion for the world of cars, but never had the opportunity to own something that she could work on, modify and call her own. Her niche is American pony cars, the only difference between Megan and most people is the fact that she requires manual control. What was originally thought to be a the knee injury was actually an aggressive 7cm x 7cm tumor growing in the knee.

The osteosarcoma was discovered after she felt as if she had broken her knee while serving in the US Army; due to her recent history of cancer and the multiple surgeries she has undergone during her treatment thus far, she will never have the chance to re-engage.

Leg amputation

6 rounds of brutal chemotherapy, more than half a year of treatment and a botched surgery that removed the femur, knee and tibia to replace them with metal; not only did the pathology return, her cancer did not respond to chemotherapy, but now on July 13, Megan’s right leg must be amputated above the knee. That’s because within two days of the limb-saving surgery, the hardware in her leg became infected with a drug-resistant bacteria. Making amputation the only option that has the best chance of saving her life.

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Due to the amputation of her right leg, she can no longer ride with standard pedals. Being able to provide her with something like this would be a dream come true. Thank you for all the love and support, Justin Meinert.

Megan Maryansky

Meghan’s mom’s prayers for her surgery

Friends, please help by sending a word of encouragement to my daughter Megan Marjanski. As you know, she is a tough and fighting young woman osteosarcoma. she has gone through chemotherapy and surgery and now faces amputation of her right leg.

She and her medical team decided this was her best chance to beat a post-op infection, move on to the next round of chemotherapy as quickly as possible, and beat this terrible cancer completely. We all agree with her, but as you can imagine, it’s a difficult decision.

The surgery is on Friday and I think it will help to see lots of encouraging words about her from all of you. More important is that she knows you are praying for her as we know God is the ultimate healer. Post here or on her page. Send her a message. Share with others I may have missed.

She needs the strength and encouragement you can give her. (her caregivers like myself, Jean Marjanski, Jordan Marjanski, Ashley Marjanski, and Justin Meinert probably need this too). God will heal her and bring her through this and bring her back to a healthy and active life. Thank you!

Jean Maryanski is raising funds for Megan

Hello, my name is Jean Marianski, Megan Marianski’s stepmother. I am reaching out to you, our friends and our family to ask that you help Meg achieve her dream of running again.

Meg was a runner… she ran every day! He was on the Big Creek Greenway, Sawnee Mountain, a trail behind his house, or just on a treadmill if he didn’t have time to run outside. But this girl LOVED to run! We even completed several Peachtree road races together before her diagnosis. As most of you know, cancer robbed her of the ability to run when it took one of her legs a few years ago.

There is a prosthetic leg out there that would allow Meg to run again, but at $32,000, it is more than our family can handle financially alone. Our insurance company refuses to cover any costs because they do not consider this leg to be medically necessary. They will only cover the most basic prosthetic leg for walking only.

Here’s what Meg said that leg would mean to her…”Basically, running again would completely change my life. I have been a long-distance runner since elementary school. Not being able to run was holding me back from achieving the goals I had years before I had cancer. I don’t remember what it’s like to run, but I often dream of being able to run again.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated! Let’s help Meg achieve her dream of running again!!!

Thank you all very much!

Condolences and memories shared by loved ones on social media for Meghan

Dalton Coker

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Megan Maryansky, You will always be by far the strongest person I have ever met, from the first day I met you and Justin I knew you were an amazing person!! From pushing me in the back of the mustang to finding a way to pull pranks on me at the hardest times…when I see you again, you better believe we’ll be pulling more pranks together… we didn’t even get to race our mustangs against each other like we planned…prayers for her family and friends please…SORRY Megan

Steve Gelles

I am at a loss for words this morning at this tragic news. Megan Maryansky, I am honored to be able to call you a friend and also be yours. From our first conversation, it was an instant friendship. By helping with your race program, by helping to raise money for your cancer treatment, by listening and seeing that you are doing great for yourself. You’ve had many obstacles over the years, but you’ve always been strong. I was proud of you. I still am. Why does it hurt to know that you are no longer with us. Your kind heart is what we will miss the most and everyone around you knows it. To Valhalla… until we regroup.

Britney Freeze

Eha. I just saw your post that you are doing well and how happy you look that the cancer is not getting worse. The world will miss you Megan, I wish I could have gotten to know you better Rest in Peace – with Megan Maryansky.

Ashley Marie

I’ve been trying and trying to find the words and everything just goes together. From the moment we met you, the kids loved you right away and it was the same for you. From the fair to dinners out, just coming to eat so we could see you, talking about cancer and how you reminded me of my mom, to YOU ​​making sure the girl’s birthday dinner was fully catered for, you were the best – the beautiful soul that we can have in our life. They love the babies they had for you because they introduced themselves to them, they knew you would be perfect for the name Aunt Meg!

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Last night was difficult not only for them but for everyone, but it showed how much you are loved by everyone. Your girls got up and sang karaoke and Finn said it was for my Aunt Meg. You would cheer them on or dance with them like you always did. So many people came up to the girls and told them how much they loved them and talked about them. It was one of your favorite things to invite them to see you at work. Half of these people we didn’t even know, but they knew who my babies were before all of you. They all said they can come over there anytime and talk about you and spend time with them. You overcame everything and the power you had was incredible! You will be missed so much, Meg. We love you so big sweet girl!


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