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Missing: What Happened to Brittany Tee?  He knows all about the 35-year-old Brookfield woman

A 35-year-old Brookfield woman, Brittany Tee, was reported missing on January 10. Let’s see more details about what happened and the latest updates.

What happened to Brittany T?

On January 10, Brittany left her boyfriend’s residence and was last seen leaving. After a few days, she was reported missing. Bethany Tee posted a message on social media.

My sister Brittany Tee has been missing from Brookfield, MA since Tuesday 1/10/23 around 8:30pm. She is 35 years old, has brown hair and blue eyes, is about 5’6″ and weighs 120 lbs. This is very different from her not keeping in touch with her family. Please call me or the Brookfield Police Department if you see or speak to her (or any local police immediately, they will list her name as a missing person). We are desperate to find her, we love her so much.
Thank you!

Friends and family are cooperating with the investigation

After leaving a Brookfield residence on foot around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, 35-year-old Brittany Tee has not been seen since, according to authorities. State and borough police believe she left the Main Street residence where her sister claimed she lived and disappeared near Lewis Field.

Because Brittany Tee’s phone wasn’t working, she left her car. When they last spoke, Brittany “seemed fine,” according to her sister Tuesday night.

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Asked whether police were investigating a possible criminal motive for Tee’s disappearance at Monday’s press conference, Early said that was not the immediate focus. They waited two days before reporting her missing.

Investigators say both Brittany’s family and her boyfriend are cooperating and are still calling this a missing person’s case.

Search for Brittany Tee

Authorities earlier said Monday they had her car, which they searched for evidence. They also said she was carrying her cell phone, but did not share additional information.

We believe she is in the area. There are many possibilities. That’s why we’re asking for help,” Early said Tuesday, according to Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

At the press conferences, authorities asked nearby residents to check their surveillance cameras as well as all areas “where one can seek a way out of the elements.”

There are currently no suspects,” Early said Tuesday, according to the station. “Her boyfriend has been very cooperative, everyone has been very cooperative. That’s encouraging.”

The search area for recent updates expands

State police tweeted just after 11:40 a.m. Saturday that they were searching a large wooded area near Tee’s home and along Route 9 and Route 148.

State assets involved in Saturday’s search included 18 troopers from Massachusetts A special state police emergency response team along with troopers from the Brookfield and Holden barracks, K-9 officers and a drone.

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early said Brookfield police and firefighters are still involved in the search. Earley also said officers and cadets from the Worcester Police Department joined the search effort, along with two civilian teams: Massachusetts Search and Rescue and Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue.

According to Early, MSP’s underwater recovery unit — known as the MSP Dive Team — will conduct water searches based on weather conditions. “Search efforts will continue today and into next week, including expanded ground searches,” Early said Saturday.

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Answers on social media

Bethany You added

Hello everyone. There are no civilian search parties yet. There is a large police presence where she was last seen and they need to professionally search the area. This is directly from the state police. I’ll let you know when/if you need it and I can’t thank you enough — with Susan Tee and Brittany Tee.

Laiann Caron posted

This is my friend from nursing school whose sister has been gone for a week. They are a close family and that is very different from her. Please share and anyone in Brookfield MA please check security footage and doorbell cam. I am praying for you Bethany T

Diane Elise posted

The day we decided to change the real light!!
This is Brit talking and cheering me up with her squeaky little voice! prayers for you to come home safe!

Her friend was concerned and posted a message

There are an insane number of women missing in Massachusetts right now. If your loved one is missing, you are the only protector they have. Overreact, make a scene, pressure law enforcement and inform the public. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT 24 HOURS TO FILE A MISSING PERSON REPORT. If your loved one is missing and it is unusual, you can report it immediately. This woman is loved and has a family that is more than concerned, and it is unusual for her not to keep in constant contact with her family.

Police have also repeatedly asked anyone with tips to contact them – and said the tips they’ve received so far have been helpful. “The longer this goes on, the more frustration and anxiety builds among people, but I want to remind everyone to stay positive,” Brookfield Police Chief Michael Blanchard said Tuesday. “Keep Brittany and your family in your thoughts and prayers and continue to hope for Brittany’s safe return.”

Authorities are asking anyone with information on her whereabouts to call the tip line: 508-435-7589.

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