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How did Na Chul die?  The cause of the Korean actor's death has been explained
On Chul, 36

Na Chul, a famous Korean actor died at the age of 36. Let’s see the reason for Na Chul’s death in detail.

How did Na Chul die?

A representative of the entertainment business said that the actor died this morning while being treated for his health problem.

The actor’s funeral was arranged at the Soonchunhyang University Funeral Home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Na In Woo and Lee Kyu Han are reportedly set to star in the new K-Drama, with Kim Ji Eun playing the female lead.

The statement posted on the KoreanUpdates Twitter account also confirmed this sad news.

Who was Na Chul?

Na Chul was born on December 24, 1986. He is a young Korean actor who is best known for his role in Weak Hero Class 1.

He also played supporting roles in several films like Vincenzo, Happiness, Through The Darkness, Once Upon a Small Town & Weak Hero Class 1.

Notable Works:


  • Ponor (2021) – Min-Jun
  • Tune in for Love
  • A hit and run squad
  • Extreme work
  • 1987: When the Day Comes
  • Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds
  • Made in China

Drama series

  • Weak hero class 1
  • Little woman
  • Once upon a time there was a small town
  • A superb day
  • Through the darkness
  • Happiness
  • Jirisan
  • DP
  • Hospital Playlist 2
  • Vincenzo
  • Unknown 2
  • Touch your heart
  • Entourage
  • The good wife
  • Jeon Woo-Chi
  • TV Novel: Samsaengi
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TV movies

O’PENing: The taste of your voice

Chul’s cause of death:

Na Chul passed away due to health problems. He was in the midst of medical treatment for a failing health condition.

His fans and followers shared heartfelt condolences to him on various social media platforms after the news of the death broke.

Although the type of illness he suffered from is still unknown. We are sorry to learn of the young actor’s death. Our thoughts are with his families. May his soul rest in peace.

Tribute to Na Chul:

Namgil Country 0313 tweeted,

Rest in peace ssi We are really sorry to hear this. The cause of his death was illness. Hope you get a nice spot up there


Kim Go Yoon and the late actor Chul were good friends. The actor also starred in Little Women as Injoo’s lawyer. Ggone must really feel the loss of one of his best friends. RIP to the most amazing person

kdrama diary tweeted,

#NaChul passed away today at age 36 due to health issues. He recently starred in Weak Hero Class 1 and was also the cutest dongsaeng in Happiness May he rest in peace.

안나 tweeted,

Wait.. Did he act as Na Chul in Through the darkness… Condolences to you and your family… You are really a great actor.


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