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Princess Tolliver

Princess Toliver, a Tallahassee woman, was killed in a shooting in Seminole County early Monday morning that left many others injured. Let’s see who was Princess Tolliver and Seminole shooting in detail.

Tallahassee Shooting: What Happened?

Deputies were called to the intersection of CR46-A and Rinehart Road in Sanford around 2:30 a.m., according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, for a two-vehicle shooting.

Several people are being treated at hospitals and one woman has died, officials said.

Deputies suspect a car started shooting at another vehicle. Two dark colored vehicles believed to have been involved have been recovered.

One of the cars, according to detectives, is being searched for evidence.

Who was Princess Tolliver?

The victim has been identified as Princess Tolliver, a 31-year-old resident of Tallahassee. Princess Toliver was shot and killed by someone in another car, deputies say.

Her family is trying to figure out what happened and hope deputies make an arrest soon.

Flynn-Tolliver said family members were in shock. “Princess Tolliver was a very sociable young lady. A very nice person. Nice guy,” said Toliver’s grandmother, Barbara Flynn-Toliver.

“She was very hardworking. Flynn said she would do anything to help her other sisters. She had three other sisters. They were very, very close,” Flynn-Tolliver said. “I never dreamed that something like this would happen to one of my grandchildren.”

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Flynn-Tolliver said her granddaughter spent the weekend visiting in Central Florida.

Robert Nicosia told the source that he often walks nearby and was surprised to see so many detectives.

“I saw all that traffic again and I was just doing my normal power walks and I see this,” Nicosia said.

Although the suspect is still at large, police believe the shooting was not random.

More details will be revealed later, according to officials. Anyone with information is urged to contact the sheriff’s office at 407-665-6650.


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